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Latest News  
[BISS 2010] What Has the 2010 Busan International Smart Shoe & Parts Fair Left?
[BISS 2010] Treksta Acts as a Reviving Leader in the Korean Walker-Shoe Industry
[BISS 2010] PATHFINDER Presents Its Fall/Winter Season Collection
[BISS 2010] Airhicks Showcases its Excellent Quality Outsole for Shoes
[BISS 2010] Neotec's Healthy Alpharlum Slipsole for Feet
[BISS 2010] Easy Shoelace-Tie Method with SKCNI's Freelock System
[BISS 2010] Baby Safety First: Neotec's Specialized Children's Shoe with RF-Function
[BISS 2010] Stafild's Men's Shoes to Keep Clean and Fresh
[BISS 2010] Nuton's Running Shoe is a Triathlon Winner
[BISS 2010] Vitro - An Insole Carrying New Shoe Coming Soon in 2011
[BISS 2010] Wig Korea Features Chameleon-Like Shoes
[BISS 2010] Airhicks Showcases Outsole with Good Inflow
[BISS 2010] Jo-Eun Industries Features No-Slipping Boots
[BISS 2010 Video] Haksan Showcases Sport Brand 'Vitro'
[BISS 2010 Video] Eugene Medicare's Arch-Supporting Shoes
[BISS 2010] Aquajogger's Underwater Shoes -- "Exersandals"
[BISS 2010] Myung Jang's Designs Boot with All-natural Leather and Mother-of-Pearl
[BISS 2010] Dabong High Tech Features "R-Shoes"
[BISS 2010] Vitro Presents Children's Shoes for Proper Feet Growth
[BISS 2010] Outdoor Brand KEEN Introduces its 2010 F/W Season Products
[BISS 2010] Taw&Toe Features Shoes Made of Duflex Material
[BISS 2010] KwangSung IND Exhibits Soft Road Diet Shoes
[BISS 2010] Windwire Features Its Fly Lacing System
[BISS 2010] Woori International Features Shock-Absorbing Airball Sensor Shoes
[BISS 2010] Neotec Exhibits Shoes for Diabetic Patients
[BISS 2010] MG Korea, a World-famous Outdoor Brand Agency, attends BISS 2010
[BISS 2010] Vitro, to introduce tennis shoes for 2011
[BISS 2010] Vitro, to introduce various Ping Pong shoes
[BISS 2010] Vitro, to introduce badminton shoes for professional players
[BISS 2010] Polli Walks, to introduce children's shoes of eye attracting characters
[BISS 2010 Video] '2010 Busan International Smart Shoe & Parts Fair' opens in mecca of footwear industry, Busan
[BISS 2010 Video] Footwear Industry Promotion Center, to hold '2010 Shoe Designer Hill' awarding ceremony
[BISS 2010 Video] Footwear Industries Promotion Center, to announce examples of cutting-edge IT technology developments and future strategy
[BISS 2010 Video] BISS 2010, to direct future shoes industry by preparing 'cutting edge IT footwear gallery'
[BISS 2010 Video] Haksan, to introduce company's sports brand 'VItro' at BISS 2010
[BISS 2010 Video] Eugene medi care, to introduce functional shoes supporting foot arch
[BISS 2010] Samduck Stafild, to attract attention with heeless walking shoes
[BISS 2010] Hanshin Korea, insoles are in process of evolution!
[BISS 2010] GTM Korea, to introduce gel type compressor
[BISS 2010] MI, to introduce tae kwon do shoes 'FREEDOM' of pure Korean techonology
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