GP 2010
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 Hanbitsoft(3)    Softnyx(2)    INixsoft(2)    Zemi Interactive(2)    GameUs(1)    Daewon Media(1)    D-Gate(1)    Atoonz, Inc.(1)    Alt1(1)    ANGAMES(1)    AURORA GAMES(1)    Ubiquitous Media Inc.(1)    Eternal Enter(1)    Hamelin(1)    SDEnterNET(1)  
Language : :   English(20)    Japanese(12)    Chinese(Simplified)(11)    Korean(2)    German(1)  
Latest News  
Online Game Without Downloads, 'Star Project Online!'
D-Gate Releases Magic Thousand-Character Classic Hanja Battle, a Hanja Edu-Game
Brand new!! Real Dating Game, 'FEEL ONLINE'
Ubiquitous Media Inc.'s Chaotic Survival Game, "The Whoops! Desert Island"
Finally Unveiled! The 4th Raid of HIS, the Secret of Warfare History
Wind Slayer! Spectacular Action & Hectic Speed!
Kalonline 6th anniversary special pets updated
Evolution of Social Game! Launching of true social game for iDevices, MyChoice
'Triangular Battle field' to update
Mix Master Services Launched in Germany
HanbitSoft to Release Game Play Video of 'Squadflow!'
HanbitSoft Concludes Export Contract to Russia for 'Aika Online!'
HanbitSoft Reveals Game Play Video of "The Heaven of Three Kingdoms!"
Rakion, Challenge the Ladder Mode!
Blockbuster MMO title '4Story' reveals its secret
[Video] New MMORPG 'Travia2' at G-Star 2010
Popular comic Crayon Shinchan made into an online game
Imminent Release of "Waren Story"—A New Super-Scale MMORPG
Softnyx, Successfully launches NyxBerry in South America
SDEnterNET, 'NavyFIELD' providing direct communication with players

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