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Latest News  
2010 IT EXPO BUSAN, closes reaping the best success in history
[IT EXPO BUSAN] 'Busan IT Conference Forum' is held
[IT EXPO BUSAN] ModuAd, introduces site for iPhone application developers
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Exsolit, introduces intelligent automatic perceiving/notifying system of barricades
[IT EXPO BUSAN] u-Dimap solution, everything about finger tip tourism
[IT EXPO BUSAN] BARCO, introduces LCD monitor with 4 times the resolution of full HD
[IT EXPO BUSAN] NVIDIA, introduces 'personal super computer', born through graphic technology
[IT EXPO BUSAN] KT, introduces its services through booths of various themes
[IT EXPO BUSAN] G&B Tech, introduces label specialized printers
[IT EXPO BUSAN] a crowded mass at the Sony cubic game booth
[IT EXPO BUSAN] I real, exhibits a home network system
[IT EXPO BUSAN] UPRISM, introduces UC video conference between diverse people
[IT EXPO BUSAN] KOREA COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION, introduces various media experiencing programs
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Crino, introduces RFID tag for loading in traffic cards, etc
[IT EXPO BUSAN] KnSoft, introduces children education application for iPhones
[IT EXPO BUSAN] EzptTech, introduces a distant-electronic document conference-solution
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Xeno, introduces internet broadcasting system, 'UCCTOP Xeno'
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Sand Picture 'Sand Art' grabing visitors' eyes
[IT EXPO BUSAN] RoitsNine, introduces 'Anti-Fog Premium Protective Film'
[IT EXPO BUSAN] RoitsNine introduces a liquid screen-protection film 'S-view' for iPhone•iPads
[IT EXPO BUSAN] SKBroadband, introduces an opened type mobile service based on location informations
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Comin Information System introduces USB 'SiiRU' for holding softwares
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Interbird, introduces sea weather predicting service
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Nanosolution, introduces USB3.0 multimedia network saving equipment
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Viewsonic's 2D+3D projector
[IT EXPO BUSAN ]ADICS introduces an electric power controlling system 'Power Watch' for reducing energy costs
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Intown introduces a 'distributing service of recognizing cards for elderly patients'
[IT EXPO BUSAN] media device center, introduces 'light' 3D glasses
[IT EXPO BUSAN Video] Peeking into the 'Digital Contents Zone'
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Masterimage3D, introduces 3D cubic image equipments for theaters
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Unique IT exhibition with a constant flow of visitors, most popular!
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Opens business field for the district's IT fusion technology
[Interview] Representative Kyu Chul Kim of Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, strengthens the district-specialized IT Fusion techonology!
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Motion Technology introduces a motion capture technology applied in 'Avatar'
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Dong Myung University College of Robot System Engineering introduces 'TUBO', a service robot
[IT EXPO BUSAN] Cisco Korea introduces a video conference system
[IT EXPO BUSAN Video] Busan IT Industry Promoting Agency, interview of representative Kyu Chul Kim
[IT EXPO BUSAN Video] Fucus, introduces 3D & 4D contents
[IT EXPO BUSAN Video] '2010 IT EXPO BUSAN' Mayor of Busan Visits
[IT EXPO BUSAN Video] '2010 IT EXPO BUSAN' sketch
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