L&D Korea 2010
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Latest News  
L&D Korea 2010 closes, setting a cornerstone for a fruitful bussiness professionalized exhibition
[L&D 2010 Field Covering] PIMACS, introduces 2 kinds of Light Distribution Pattern measuring equipments
[L&D2010 Field Covering] Sunny tech trading, introduces periphery equipments related to semiconductors
[L&D2010 Field Covering] SEMI-MATERIALS introduces its technology at 'L&D Korea 2010'
Il Sung Products, introduces BetaLED streetlamp and Carmana independent-type solar LED light
PIMACS, introduces cutting-edge detailed analysis equipment in Daegu
AVACO, introduces FPD optimized total solution
AHWA S&G, introduces LED big-sized electronic display &lamp at 'L&D Korea 2010'
HEESUNG ELECTRONICS, introduces various LED products at 'L&D Korea'
Bnbopto, participates in 'L&D Korea 2010'
WOORI OPTICOM, participates in 'L&D Korea 2010' to rise as a professional-service company
OSUNG LED, participates in 'L&D Korea 2010'
N.R.C. introduces environment friendly LED at L&D Korea 2010
Kisco Korea, participates in L&D 2010 Korea
OKITSUMO, specializing in heat radiation, participates in L&D Korea 2010
DaeSung & Tech, introduces LED products at 'L&D 2010'
VISIONTECH introduces LED at "L&D 2010"
T-SOLUTION, participates in 'L&D 2010'
[L&D2010 Video] Philips Electronics, introduces LED light bulb to displace 60W electric bulb
[L&D2010 Field Covering] Philips Electronics, introduces rechargeable LED lighting in candle form
[L&D2010 Field Covering] Toolis, introduces a rechargeable LED lighting magnifier
[L&D2010 Field Covering] KISCO, introduces high technology• low cost 'horizontal heat spreading sheet'
[L&D2010 Field Covering] Kisco Korea, introduces radiant heat paint 'COOL TECH'
[L&D2010 Field Covering] LED lighting 'ACUBE', displacing 40W fluorescent lamp