Tokyo Int'l Gift Show 2010
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Language : :   Korean(49)    Japanese(29)    English(23)  
Latest News  
Gangnam District accrues US$ 29.73 million in export deals at the Tokyo International Gift Show!
Trade World AD, exhibits foot exfoliating device in Tokyo Gift Exhibition
[In Tokyo] Shopping bag and gift box as one! Tredia introduced hand-made package product
[In Tokyo] Yadah showcasing low stimulating vegetable skincare products at the Tokyo International Gift Show
[In Tokyo] Empty Eyes advancing into Japan with its jewelry brands
[In Tokyo] Sposis showcasing disinfecting TPU cutting boards used boiling in water
[In Tokyo] Beauty Club Red Nail Art winning with quality coloring and comfort!
[In Tokyo] Japanese buyers eyeing Book Scout's 3D pop-up books
[In Tokyo] DNBio showcasing hair loss prevention soap, "Emperor Hair"
[In Tokyo] Nano Carbona showcasing functional products made from charcoal
[In Toyko] Opening of the 70th Tokyo International Gift Show! Gangnam District supports companies to pioneer into the Japanese market
[In Toyko] Gangnam District holds a meeting of businesspeople working in Japan to help other companies pioneer into the Japanese market
Gangnam District going to the Tokyo International Gift Show and Premiere Vision, a textile exhibition in France!
Empty Eyes to advance into Japan with jewelry brands "Donacelli" and "Swanee"
"Yadah," skincare for teenagers, to participate in the Tokyo International Gift Show
Sposis to showcase a disinfecting TPU cutting board used boiling
Experience Korean beauty with Beauty Club Red nail art products
DN Bio knocks on Japanese market with "Emperor Hair," a soap to prevent hair loss
Nano Carbona making known the wonders of charcoal in Japan!
[Video] Skincare brand Yadah for teens participates in the Tokyo International Gift Show
[Video] Nano carbona, introduces mystical 'Charcoal' to Japan!
[Video] Sposis, introduces antibacterial TPU kitchen board used after boiling
[Video] DNBIO, knocks on the Japan market with natural hair loss preventing soap 'HJM'

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