World IT Show 2010
Mobile  Cellphone(19)   4G Technology(18)   Industry(6)   Display(5)   Navigation(3)   Earphone Headset(2)   Misc.(1)   UMPC(1)   MobileTV(1)   Electronic Dictionary(1)   MP3P(1)   Digital Camera(1)  
Computing  Software(23)   Misc.(18)   Security(8)   Storage(7)   Network(7)   Notebook(5)   Field News(5)   Peripheral (5)   Printer(3)   Monitor(3)   Server(3)   Component(2)  
Home Appliances  Misc.(4)   Large Kitchen(2)   Households(1)  
Life  Health Care(3)   Robot(1)  
Housing  Lighting(3)   Misc.(1)   Home Network(1)  
Industry  Industry(1)  
AV/PA  Misc.(3)   TV(1)  
Game  PC Game(1)   Mobile Game(1)  
 LG Electronics(7)    Samsung Electronics(5)    SK Telecom(4)    WIS(3)    Green Power Electronics(3)    RoitsNine(3)    Symtech Systems(3)    Panasonic(3)    4Dculture(3)    KT(3)    Nanoom Tech(2)    Myoung Information Technologies(2)    Babel System(2)    Smart Square(2)    Smart Addin(2)    3DIS(2)    CDS(2)    IfeelU(2)    Rsupport(2)    Ablestor(2)    Elimnet(2)    U-Blox(2)    Ubiquoss(2)    GS Instrument(2)    Corebiz(2)    Clonix(2)    Telit Wireless Solution(2)    KITA(2)    HP(2)    ETRI(2)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(195)    English(172)    Japanese(153)    German(127)    Chinese(Simplified)(113)  
Latest News  
WIS 2010 achieved a record result
Masan Valley participate in 2010 World IT Show
LG to unveil its premium smartphone 'Optimus Q'
Corebiz to present its business card management software 'Saramsai'
Robomecs to display its automatic angle-adjustable TV table stand
LG to unveil its full touch phone 'Optimus Z' powered by Android 2.1
LG to showcase its Android-powered smart phone 'Optimus'
Dawon-Tech to present its power saving controller 'Power Manager'
Cllimtek to showcase its 7-inch digital language learning device
3DIS to display its 7-inch 3D digital photo frame
CLONIX to present its hard disk/SSD duplicator 'DiskClon'
A iPod Touch battery pack with a 3W stereo speaker
LG to showcase its ultra-compact messaging phone 'LN240'
3DIS to display its 3.2-inch WVGA glasses-less 3D display for mobile phones
Sim Tech to introduce its digital mind mapping software
NANOOM TECH to introduce its automated external defibrillate 'Heart Plus AED'
SimTech's digital mind mapping software 'Think Wise 2009 Plus'
4D Culture to present its 3D laser scanner 'Solidshot'
Panasonic to showcase 'Tough Book CF-19' with a swiveling display
reBirth to present its new 'Multi Presenter' with a trackball mouse
ENBSOFT's software 'Hotdogu' sending scraped data to a mobile phone
Synology's high-performance 5-bay all-in-1 NAS server 'DS1010+'
LG to showcase its full touch phone 'POP' with a solar battery pack
Samsung to showcase its 55-inch 3D full HD 'LED 9000' TV
ESOL to present its color scanner
SJGAMES to introduce its social network service 'TOG'
Ascen Korea to display its handheld laser GPS device
Megatechmedia to display its outdoor-use DID
Hanamicron to present its enterprise SSD 'forte K2 SSD'
Elimnet to present its 2010 video conference solution 'NOWnNOW'
KT to showcase the new version of portable WiBro wireless router
Samsung to unveil its new ultra-thin notebook pc 'Q330'
LG Electronics to showcase its INFINIA Full LED 3D TV at WIS2010
LG Electronics to showcase its smartphone Optimus and OptimusQ
LG Electronics to showcase its Full HD 3D monitors at WIS 2010
CODEACT to introduce its customized keyboard for video editing
Myung Information Technologies to unveil its waterproof SSD 'G3'
ESTsoft to present its online web storage solution 'InternetDisk 6i'
U-Blox to present its compact GPS module 'AMY'
U-Blox to display its GPS single chips
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