SEK 2006
Mobile  Cellphone(7)   Misc.(4)   MobileTV(2)   RFID(1)   MP3P(1)   PDA(1)   Navigation(1)  
Computing  Desktop(4)   Notebook(3)   Storage(3)   DivX(1)   Peripheral (1)  
Life  Robot(1)  
Industry  Field News(1)  
AV/PA  Antenna(1)  
 Samsung Electronics(6)    LG Electronics(4)    Sungju Computer(3)    Robotech(1)    Modnnet(1)    Bluebird Soft(1)    Ceyon(1)    Citus(1)    SDT(1)    NTIcomodo(1)    LBSplus(1)    Usbnet(1)    Firstor(1)    Pskey Systems(1)    Hi-im Intertrade(1)    Fujitsu(1)    HP(1)    Hyundai Digital Technology(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(90)    English(32)    Russian(6)    French(2)    German(1)  
Latest News  
CF-type 13.56MHz RFID reader
15mm Slim phone with 'emoticon TTS' feature
Samsung 8.9mm card phone 'SCH-V870’ in a leather case with a built-in additional battery
Samsung 3.2M rotating S-DMB phone 'SCH-B490'
Fujitsu Korea to present 15.4-inch notebook 'Lifebook E8210'
Bluebird to launch slim T-DMB PDA 'BM-300'
Samsung 13.5mm slim slide S-DMB phone 'SCH-B500'
Samsung 14.9mm slim S-DMB phone 'SCH-B540'
A service robot composed of different modules
LG to present 12.1-inch 1.1Kg notebook 'TX series'
Sungju to present Intel Viiv mini pc Tango Cocktail 'CK-5201'
LBS Plus presented its new USB-type T-DMB receiver
CITUS' navigation software 'Rousen' compatible with various mobile devices
HP to present its slim tower desktop pc 'Pavilion Slimlines s7420n'
Media center pc ‘Tango AV' with a built-in 5.1-channel analog amp
Robotech to present a female robot wearing a muffler
MoDT-based mini pc ‘Tango mini duo II’
Portable presentation learning tool 'My Wand'
Flash-SSD with HDD interface for car-use
LG to present OLED USA storage 'UP3 Sharp' with MP3P
Bluetooth stereo speaker ‘Music Master’
HD-quality Dvix player capable of wireless direct streaming play
Make an internet call with MP4 player
LG to unveil a prototype of its new slim phone with external hot keys for MP3P
USB 2.5-inch shock resistant HDD storage 'Anypak'
T-DMB receiver for car with FM transmitter
‘Portable’ Satellite communication device
Samsung to present notebook pc with flash SSD
Samsung to present its slim slide-up phone 'SCH-V940' with external touch keys
Come and see who the show host of the 20th SEK 2006 was!
Albert Einstein is back with a new name 'HUBO' thanks to Korean robot technology
An army of mini robots performing brake dance skilfully

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