Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010
Mobile  MP3P(1)   Cellphone(1)  
Computing  Security(1)  
Home Appliances  Small Kitchen(5)   Households(3)   Misc.(1)   Heating Cooling(1)  
Life  Health Care(2)  
Misc.  Misc.(1)  
 NUC(5)    Kinatech(3)    Enfren(2)    Digiana(1)    RoitsNine(1)    BK World(1)    Amon(1)    Teltron(1)    Mexus(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(17)    English(16)    Chinese(Simplified)(15)    Japanese(8)  
Latest News  
NUC to showcase its smokeless grill at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010
NUC Electronics to showcase its latest power blender
Enfren to showcase a new stand 'LED Magnifier' with LED lighting
Kinatech to showcase its scalp massager 'Head Time' in Hong Kong
NUC to attract foreign buyers' attention with its stainless fruit juicer
Mexus to showcase its air cleaner 'Halo' with a handy vacuum cleaner
Digiana to showcase its high-end digital voice recorder 'DP1000'
Foreign buyers exclaiming in droves "Wonderful!" at Enfren LED lightings
"Head Time" scalp massager solves "headaches" in Hong Kong
Disney Home Electronics lauded as "Full of Spirit" in Hong Kong
NUC Juicer seducing taste buds of foreign buyers
Amon to introduce its car driving recorder 'SIV'
Teltron to introduce its motion sensor module 'Auto On'
NUC Electronics to showcase its latest Power Blender 'NFM-8860'
Kinatech Participates in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010 Displaying "Headtime", a Scalp Massager
S-view will present its screen protectors at Hong Kong China Sourcing Fair

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