CES 2010
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Computing  Notebook(18)   Peripheral (13)   Misc.(9)   Component(9)   Network(7)   Software(6)   Storage(6)   Field News(5)   Security(4)   Printer(4)   Desktop(3)   Monitor(2)  
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Game  Game(1)  
 Samsung Electronics(33)    Panasonic(20)    JVC(16)    Sony(14)    Haier(14)    Toshiba(9)    Audiovox(8)    LG Electronics(8)    Sharp(6)    iLuv(6)    Liquid Image(6)    Macally(5)    Asus(5)    Kodak(5)    Shure(5)    Netgear(4)    Optoma(4)    Creative(4)    Pioneer(4)    Philips(4)    HP(4)    Hisense(4)    3M(3)    Logitech(3)    Motorola(3)    Sennheiser(3)    Casio(3)    Datawind(3)    Edifier(3)    Jay Bird(3)  
언어별 기사 수:   English(394)    Korean(347)    Japanese(288)    German(249)    Chinese(Simplified)(85)  
Latest News  
EnGIS to showcase its navigation solution for iPhone
Beamz to present its interactive music system
No Geek Needed to launch its Wireless N router
Inthinc to introduce its driving coaching device 'Tiwi'
Zyxio to present its new technology of interaction with digital platform
Iomega to present its wireless data station 'iConnect'
Sanyo to showcase its electric hybrid bicycle 'Eneloop'
Built to display its electronic gadget sleeves
AOC to present its all-in-one PC with touch screen capability
Plastic Logic to showcase 'Que proReader', its plastic electronics display
HP to present its new 5.0 Megapixel flip type digital video camera
Fame to demo its hand-powered charger 'YoGen'
Creative to showcase its new wireless iPod docking speaker
Jay Bird to showcase its world's smallest Bluetooth headphone
Otter Box to present its ultra-protective case for an iPhone
Planon to showcase its pocket-sized desktop scanner
BlueMicrophones to demo its first THX certified USB microphone 'Yeti'
Truphone to present its Android-powered mobile phone
Swann to demo its all-in-one DVR Security System
Entourage Systems to unveil the world's first dualbook 'enTourage eDGe'
Demy to showcase its touchscreen, kitchen-safe digital recipe reader
Scansonic to present its DAB tableradio 'R3'
3M to showcase its pocket projector 'MPro150'
Bookeen to showcase its eBook reading device ' Cybook Opus'
Easypress to showcase EasyEPUB, its revolutionary new service for publishers
3M to introduce its 22-inch multi-touch display 'M2256PW'
[CES Unveiled] Logitech to launch its speaker laptop desk 'N700'
[CES Unveiled] Pocket Radar's pocket-sized personal speed radar
[CES Unveiled] ProVision Communications to showcase its 'AXAR 1000 series'
[CES Unveiled] Archerfish to showcase its thinking camera 'Archerfish Solo'
[CES Unveiled] Ionics to launch its full suite of plug computing products
[CES Unveiled] Seagate's USB 3.0 portable hard drive 'BlackArmor PS110'
A new Swiss Army knife 'Victorinox Secure' with USB flash memory
[CES Unveiled] TenBu to showcase its Bluetooth security tag 'nio'
Sennheiser to showcase its Adidas performance headphone 'CX 680'
Sennheiser to display its Bluetooth multimedia headset 'MM450'
Vutec to present its new ArtScreen 'Studio Series'
[CES Unveiled] Zomm to unveil its Bluetooth wireless leash for mobile phones
[CES Unveiled] Mediche to showcase its diabetes management system 'Mediche Life One'
PowerFilm to showcase its portable solar chargers
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