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Latest News  
Fujitsu to present the winner of mobile phone design contest, 'Gesture'
Fujitsu to display its concept phone 'Soap'
Fujitsu to showcase the concept of rotary smartphone, 'F-Circle'
KDDI to present its new iida-brand mobile phone 'PLY'
KDDI to present its new iida-brand mobile phone 'Prismoid'
Hologram Girl at 3M booth
ZENRIN to attend at CEATEC JAPAN 2009
UQ WIMAX to introduce WiMAX technology & products
TDK to present its film solar cell 'Solar Tower'
NAVITIME to introduce its navigation services for mobile phone
Murata to introduce its newly improved unicycling robot 'Seiko'
Ultra-X to present its digital pen 'MVPen'
KDDI to present HITACHI's mobile Hi-Vision cam 'WOOO' phone
KDDI to introduce its camera-based tangible controller for mobile phones
ALPS to present its 1/10-inch VGA camera module
Fujitsu to present its secure USB memory
A humanoid robot 'HRP-4C' singing a song to the music
HITACHI to introduce power saving of TV while looking away
Fujitsu booth sketch at CEATEC 2009
Acer to present its stylish Aspire One notebook pc 'AOD250-Bb83'
Acer to showcase its Aspire One notebook adorned with jewelry
Kohjinsha to present its 8.9-inch convertible mini notebook 'SX Series'
Kohjinsha to present its 720g UMPC 'SK Series'
Kohjinsha to present its 7-inch convertible notebook with GPS
Kohjinsha to display 'PM Series' netbook with a 4.8-inch wide LCD
Kohjinsha to present its 4.8-inch, 400g MID 'PA series'
Kohjinsha to present its 11.6-inch LED-backlit notebook 'EX series'
Panasonic to present its multimedia audio system 'MW10-7'
Panasonic to present its 'Active Shutter Glasses'
Panasonic to present its full HD 3D total solutions
Panasonic to introduce its new PDP technology 'Triple Luminous Efficency'
Panasonic to present its mobile phone 'SoftBank 931P'
Sharp to unveil its 60-inch full HD 3D TV
Sony to showcase its 0.2mm-thick flexible TFT OLED display
Sony to reveal its 52-inch Bravia 3D TV
KDDI to introduce its robot concept of handset 'Polaris'
Sharp to unveil its new concept of smartbook 'Net Walker'
Panasonic to present its One Segment TVs
Panasonic's portable 1-Seg TV with Blu-ray disc player
Panasonic to unveil its 103-inch 4K2K PDP TV
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