NeoCon 2009
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Latest News  
Duoback Korea to feature its Duorest chair series at NeoCon 2009
Krug to display its new management seating at NeoCon 2009
Herman Miller to introduce its next generation of multipurpose chair 'Setu'
Herman Miller to display its new work chair 'Embody'
Haworth to present its new multi-purpose, multi-task LED light 'LIM'
Haworth to introduce its new Compose desking product
Steelcase to showcase its office furniture 'Media:scape'
Mohawk Group to display its latest carpeting solutions
Bernhardt Design to showcase its design table 'Area'
Bernhardt Design to present its design chair collection 'Hyde'
Turnstone to showcase its furniture 'Campfire'
Nurture to introduce its new products 'Cura'
Bernhardt Design to showcase its new furniture collection 'Calibra'
Tandus to introduce its new product 'Landscape Patterns'
HBF to present its textile collection 'Campion Platt'
HBF to introduce its BARBARA BARRY 2009 collection
DAVIS to showcase its 'MEO Lounge' designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger
JANUS et Cie to introduce its interior furnishing 'Azimuth Collection'
NeoCon World Trade Fair to be held its 41st year in Chicago
DuoBack to present its children-use chair 'Duoresk Kids'
DuoBack to present its Duorest Alpha mesh chair 'α80H'
DuoBack Korea to showcase its DUOREST Alpha mesh chair 'α80H'

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