Auto Shanghai 2009
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Latest News  
Chery to present its high-end commercial vehicle 'Rely V5'
GM to reveal its new luxury MPV concept 'Buick Business'
Chery to showcase its three-door compact hatchback 'QQ me'
CHANA to showcase its concept car featuring its unusual back side
A premium business bus dedicated to VIP people displayed
Honda to unveil its concept car '理念'
Lotus to showcase its tri-fuel capable car 'Exige 270E'
Roewe to debut its 3G sedan concept car 'N1'
Brilliance Auto to display its 4-door electric concept car 'EV'
Hyundai to showcase its new EF Sonata for Chinese consumers
BMW to unveil its Asian premiere 'Concept 7 Series Active Hybrid'
Peugeot to unveil its hybrid concept car 'RC Hybrid 4'
BMW to unveil its innovative vehicle concept 5 Series 'Gran Turismo'
Audi to debut its Prestige SUV 'New Q7 4.2'
BMW to unveil its new SUV 'X6 M' - Interior
BMW to reveal its SUV concept 'X5 M' - Interior
Porsche to present its four-door 'Panamera Turbo' - Interior
Porsche to unveil its new 'Panamera 4S' - Interior
Porsche to reveal the interior of its four-door 'Panamera S'
BMW to unveil its SUV concept 'X5 M' to the world in Shanghai
BMW's new flagship model '760Li' to make the world debut
Volvo's concept car 'S60' with collision warning system
Porsche to debut 'Panamera S' to the world in Shanghai
Porsche to present 'Panamera Turbo' with a top speed of 303㎞
Porsche 'Panamera 4S' to make world debut in Shanghai
The 2009 Shanghai Auto Show to kick off

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