Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2009
Mobile  UMPC(2)   Earphone Headset(1)   Digital Camera(1)   PMP(1)   Digital Camcorder(1)   Display(1)   MP3P(1)  
Computing  Peripheral (4)   Monitor(2)   Misc.(1)  
Home Appliances  Misc.(8)   Heating Cooling(6)   Large Kitchen(6)   Small Kitchen(5)   Beauty(3)   Households(2)  
Life  Health Care(2)  
Housing  Bath(1)  
Motors  Accessory(1)  
Misc.  Misc.(3)  
AV/PA  Misc.(3)   TV(1)  
 Lenco(3)    Lian(3)    Markpeak(3)    Cheung Hing(2)    Elec-Tech(2)    Hongyuan Enterprise(2)    Michley Electronics(2)    Powerslice(2)    SAI(2)    Sincerei(2)    Robomation(1)    Marvels Holding(1)    Vibebs(1)    Anex Electrical(1)    Elizabeth(1)    Shenzhen Wabony Electronic(1)    Wellseek(1)    Qanstar(1)    Foryou Digital(1)    Hualu(1)    AEE(1)    Anpan(1)    Asko(1)    Autotek Products(1)    Blue Box International(1)    Can&Do Industrial(1)    Dualcare(1)    Ginfax Group(1)    Hivi(1)    Huawanda(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(76)    English(56)    Japanese(53)    German(8)    Chinese(Simplified)(3)  
Latest News  
AEE to showcase the smallest digital video camera 'Mini DV'
Hualu to present its 5-inch MID with a high-performance graphics card
VIBEBS to draw the attention of world buyers with its upgraded vibration earphone
Pamco to present its steam iron
TCL to present 'Hello Kitty' digital camera
Nomenta to present its radio 'Jacobsen 3' supporting most mp3 players
Markpeak to present its 2-in-1 infrared thermometer 'BBT04'
Markpeak topresent its yogurt maker 'WHYM701T'
Minfeng to present its portable air conditioner 'MFPH32-1240'
A piggy-shaped multimedia car speaker with touch volume control
Anpan to present its personal sauna tent
A compact universal charger supporting up to 4 different products
Robomation to introduce its communication robot 'Pelicano'
Powerslice to present its universal remote controller with a 1.5-inch LCD
Autotek Products to present its portable solar charging panel
Manna to present its new robot vacuum cleaner 'JL-R001'
Huawanda to present its new fan heater with touch screen
Ultmost to display its 42-inch oval-shaped LCD TV
Qanstar to showcase its iPod docking station 'Fossil'
Cheung Hing to present its foot spa machine 'Vigor Plus'
Ginfax Group to display a new wine cooler bag
Dualcare to present its electronics kitchen scales with LED lights
Lian to present its portable two-tower fan delivering aroma perfume
Wabon Electronic to present its built-in waterproof TV for bathroom
Vaughn to present its portable karaoke machine for young girls
Lenco to introduce its monitor dedicated to iPod products
Michley Electronics to present its handy vacuum food sealer
HIVI to display its professional multimedia monitor system
Michley Electronics to present its electric scissors 'FS-101'
Lenco to present its portable iPod docking station with CD player
Kinstone to present its 7-inch touchscreen UMPC
Lenco to showcase its ergonomic designed iPod docking systems
Super String to present its 7-inch in-dash car PC
Marvels to present its rocking chair with audio connection
Can & Do to introduce its pedal charger
A nodding and barking dog-shaped stereo speaker 'Mipet'
Cheung Hing to present its massager for neck and shoulder
Hongyuan Enterprise to present its mini washing machine for single people
A 3-in-1 handy steam vacuum cleaner used as a steam iron
ASKO to present its digital ionic hair straightener 'AK-801T'
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