SMS 2009
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 Hyundai-Kia Motors(6)    Ssangyong Motor(5)    Renault Samsung Motors(4)    Kia Motors(3)    Audi(1)    Toyota(1)    Honda(1)    GM Daewoo(1)    LG Electronics(1)  
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Latest News  
Hyundai to display its premium sports car 'Genesis Coupe'
Hyndai to present its crossover concept car 'ix-onic'
Ssangyong to display its SUV 'Super REXTON' with 186 horsepower
Ssangyong to display its 5-passenger SUT 'ACTYON SPORTS'
Ssangyong to showcase its 5-passenger SUV 'ACTYON'
Kia to unveil its high-end sedan concept car 'KND-5'
Renault Samsung to showcase its new compact sedan 'New SM3'
Kia Motors to debut 2010 new 'Sorento R'
Renault Samsung to debut its new sedan 'New SM3'
Renault Samsung to reveal its first concept car 'eMX'
SsangYong Motor to unveil its new CUV concept car 'C200 AERO'
Hyundai Motor to debut its plug-in hybrid concept car 'HND-4'
Toyota to reveal the 3rd gen hybrid car 'PRIUS'
SsangYong Motor first unveils 'C200 ECO'
Hyundai Motor to unveil 'Avante LPI Hybrid'
Honda Korea to showcase its hybrid sports concept car 'CR-Z'
Hyundai Motor to reveal a luxury edition 'Genesis Prada'
LG to showcase its new car-use netbook 'IceCream netbook'
Hyundai to unveil the image of Genesis Prada ahead of 2009 Seoul Auto Show
GM to unveil its electric vehicle 'Chevrolet Volt' in Korea
Audi Korea to unveil its all-new SUV 'New Audi Q5'
Kia to unveil the image of its high-end sedan concept car 'KND-5'
Renault-Samsung to unveil its New SM3 Show Car at Seoul Motor Show 2009

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