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[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] Cell
[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] Pavilion
[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] Mobile Money Pavilion
[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] Mobile Innovation Zone
[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] Green Power Pavilion
[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] HUAHEI
[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] Congress Auditorium
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[Mobile Asia Congress 2008] China Mobile
ZTE to unveil its prototype of the swiveling MID 'Trans-being'
ROSE Telecom to introduce its low-end handset available for around $20
Wingtech to showcase its swiveling multimedia handset
Gigafone to announce strategic marketing partnership with AIS Thailand
Airwide' solutions to enable operator compliance with Indian government's national security mandate
POSTCOM to present its 3rd generation TD-SCDMA handset 'CMMB'
Coolpad to present its 3rd generation TD-SCDMA handset '6268'
Hisense to present its 3rd generation TD-SCDMA handset 'T95'
IAC to unveil its GSM mobile phone 'GW280' supporting conference call
Cell to introduce various mobile contents solution
NetComm to present its 3G HSPA WiFi router 'N3G9W'
Orange to introduce its 3G portable newspaper reader 'Easy on the eye'
Movidia to unveil its mobile phone video editing solution 'Ma1110'
IAC to unveil its dual GSM smartphone 'DG800'
Elitegroup to reveal its mobile broadband notebook pc 'J10iL'
ASUS to unveil its mobile broadband notebook pc 'Eee PC 901GO'
iPhone+QWERTY keyboard+Game keypad = Icephone
NOKIA to join China's 'TD-SCDMA'
C-motech introduces WiBro modem 'CBU-410S'
Global Multi-mode Mobile Phone Introduced
Set the phone vibration as you like it
GSMA announced winners Of 2009 Mobile Innovation Global Award Competition
ZTE to showcase a comprehensive range of its latest product portfolio
GSMA, Huawei and leading operators to ignite the embedded mobile market
Samsung, KTF, SKT and Gameloft make it a spectacular night for South Korea
Clip in Touch to launch its entry-level content personalization web application 'Solo'
BlueAnt to unveil world's first Mnadarin language, voice-controlled headset
Axis selects AIRCOM for network expansion support
GSMA delivers industry first in carrier ENUM Initiative
GSMA called for Pay-Buy-Mobile handsets

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