SDO 2008
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Housing  Industry(7)  
Motors  Misc.(2)   KIA(1)  
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 Seoul Design Olympiad(4)    Inno GDN(3)    Sooul Design Olympic (1)  
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Latest News  
[Photo News] Creative life supplies
[Photo News] Unique designed soaps
Various fashion works with the materials in various waste banners
[Photo News] Pro-Environment Fashion Show
Various facial expressions of pro-environment fashion show models
A world famous designers exhibition - Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher(3)
[Photo News] - Creative life supplies
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture to display 'Playground with Culture'
[Photo News] – Mobile Cube Exhibition (2)
'Seoul Furniture' designed by Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher
Creative product for babies 'Ginkgo' introduced at Design Search Exhibition
Design Search Exhibition - Korea University of Technology
The Seoul Design Olympiad 2008 came to an end with the closing ceremony
The Seoul Design Olympiad 2008 came to an end
F.Sharp's interesting event for civil culture
The future vehicle designed by Jungang University students
CISMdesign to present its various designs with TaeGeukGi
Environmental friendly music fountain 'power glass'
Special photo exhibition of the stars leading Hallyu
'Crossover between design and materials will lead the future trend'
'ASIA AID Concert' with the Hallyu star 'Kim, Jung-hoon'
'ASIA AID Concert' with the Hallyu star 'SG Wannabe'
Leading Hallyu star 'Dong Bang Shin Ki'
'ASIA AID Concert' with the Hallyu star 'Lee, Ji-hoon'
'ASIA AID Concert' with the Hallyu star 'Dong Bang Shin Ki'
Leading Hallyu star 'SS501'
'ASIA AID Concert' with the leading Hallyu star 'SS501'
Seoul Hallyu Festival - Super Junior-Happy
Special experience event to make little pizza was held
Many people came to Seoul Design Olympics 2008
'Wonderful' Group's A Cappella event for civil culture
Congratulatory performance for 'Seoul Hallyu Festival' was held
'Soul' has undertaken the event for Seoul Design Olympics 2008
Who designed what? (2)
Who designed what? (1)
Farming like an art 'Ssamji Farmer in Art Project'
City gallery to experience the other side of the recycled city
'Final destination of SUV' expected by college students
Z-Car with the rubber for expanding and contracting
Seoul Design Olympic 2008 Design Search Exhibition - Anyang Technical College
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