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Latest News  
A 26-inch PC monitor with a USB slot for playing HD video
Sharp to display the world's slimmest waterproof handset
Fujitsu to present its ultra-light 12.1-inch notebook pc
Sony to present its white-colored all-in-one desktop PC
Sony expects to release its 240Hz LCD TVs in this year
Hitachi to display its 10kg 37-inch flat-panel TV
Fujitsu to present its DVD player-shaped desktop PC
Hitachi to present a flat-panel TV matched to partition type stand
Fujitsu to present its 565g UMPC 'LOOK U/B50'
Sony to display the world's smallest full HD camcorder
'Softbank 9225H' handset with a PC keyboard
NEC to showcase its LaVie C series notebook pc
Sharp to demonstrate its solar LED lighting
HITACHI to present a PC monitor-shaped 50-inch flat-panel TV
Sharp to unveil its new electronic dictionary 'Brain' downloading content
IPC to present its navigation device supporting 4 languages
Sharp to introduce its concept model house using solar power
Willcom to display its Atom-based MID 'Willcom D4'
Sharp to demo its 26-inch LCD TV powered by solar energy
A slide-n-tilt smartphone 'Willcom 03' running on Windows Mobile 6.1
Panasonic to unveil its notebook with an integrated handle
B2GEN to unveil its 3D parking management system using RFID technology
Sharp to demo its 52-inch LCD TV powered by solar energy
Kohjinsha to present its first 8.9-inch mini notebook 'SX Series'
Sony to display its 3.9mm-thick digital camera 'DSC-T77'
JVC's professional LCD monitor with higher resolution 4 times that of FHD
Apple to unveil the interior component of its iPhone
KDDI to unveil its future multi-layered handset 'PLY'
Sony's ultralight notebook 'VAIO type T' with Blu-ray drive
Sony to unveil its 0.3mm-thick flexible OLED display
Fujitsu to present its all-in-one PC like a Apple iMac
[Photo News] Panasonic's new Toughbook 'CF-U1'
OSRAM to introduce its future OLED lighting available in 2011
A DLP projector handset available in 2~3 years
NTT DoCoMo's new Super 3G technology for enjoying HD content via handsets
Panasonic to unveil its red-colored DSLR 'LUMIX G1'
3D display handset coming soon
Sharp to unveil its ultra-slim LCD TV with 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
Toshiba to unveil its prototype notebook battery charging 90% in 10 min
Future handset separating a keypad and a display
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