CTIA 2008
Mobile  Cellphone(24)   4G Technology(17)   Navigation(2)   Industry(1)  
Computing  Peripheral (1)   Storage(1)  
 PCD(4)    Nokia(2)    Motorola(2)    HTC(2)    Interop Technologies(2)    iVisit(2)    Susteen(2)    Top Global(2)    Zoombak(2)    Research In Motion(1)    Samsung Electronics(1)    C-motech(1)    Altec Lansing(1)    Immersion(1)    Alcatel-Lucent(1)    Austin Wireless Alliance(1)    BlackBerry(1)    Caringo(1)    Cascada(1)    DeviceAnywhere(1)    Digby(1)    Divitas Network(1)    FreedomVoice system (1)    Kingston(1)    LG(1)    LG Mobile(1)    Medis Technologies(1)    Novatel Wireless(1)    Ripcode(1)    Samsung(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   English(46)    Korean(14)    Chinese(Simplified)(1)  
Latest News  
World's first Dual-mode WiMax networking adapter coming to the U.S.
PCD to showcase dual band high speed network access UM175VM
PCD to introduce camera flip phone 'CDM8074VM'
PCD to present CDM8964 cellular phone with 1.3M camera
PCD to showcase its trendy look handset 'The Blitz'
Top Global to showcase EVDO/HSDPA module router 'MB7000'
Top Global to present its portable Gobi Router 'MB5800'
Susteen Inc. to showcase powerful stand-alone device 'Mobile Genie'
Susteen Inc. to introduce Pix'n Tunes for mobile personalization
Susteen Inc. to present all-in-one DataPilot Universal Kit
Interop Tech to introduce 'Karaoke Tones' for personalized ringbacks and ringtones
Interop Tech to present its SMSC 4 Series solution
Kingston to unveil its new 4GB, 8GB Multikit
HTC to introduce its 'Touch Pro' from Sprint
Zoombak to showcase its portable multi-use GPS locator
Samsung to showcase its new handsets 'Rant'
iVisit to present its video conferencing application for mobile phones
India games to unveil three new game titles for mobile users
Kingston to unveil 4GB, 8GB Multikit
NOKIA to display the latest E series and N series handsets
DeviceAnywhere to announce the addition of the iPhone 3G
Motorola to present MOTO Q Global handset
LG to showcase its clamshell qwerty handset 'Lotus' from Sprint
BlackBerry to announce its new BlackBerry pearl flip 8220 series
Motorola to introduce MOTO Q Global handset
Samsung to showcase new handsets
HTC to introduce Touch Pro by HTC
iVisit to demo a multiparty video conferencing application for mobile phones
Caringo to introduce its content storage & management solution
Austin wireless alliance to introduce its membership program
GeoSpot to introduce a location-based deep local search engine
Medis Technogies to demo 24/7 Xtreme Fuel Cell Charger Starter Kit
Cascada Mobile to present Breeze mobile application
Digby to introduce 'Mobile Shopping Platform'
Transverse to launch open source BSS/OSS solution
Immersion to present VibeTonz handsets embedding tactile feedback
Zoombak to showcase Universal Advanced GPS Locator
DIVITAS Networks to present Divitas Mobile Convergence
BlackBerry to reveal new BlackBerry Bold Smartphone
FreedomVoice system to unveil first location-aware number 'Newber Beta'
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