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Latest News  
Cell Fusion C to showcase its CMS nano particle product
KLAPP Group to present innovative Anti-Aging-Line 'Caviar Power'
Phytophilo to introduce colorful & natural Brazilian skin care line-up
RVB to introduce Light Life Anti-Aging system
Experience to showcase its Alchemy Experience cosmetics
Hair Rules to present its hair products at the Cosmoprof 08
KENKAI to introduce Absolut breast firming & Protagonist body sculpting
Experience to present whitening & anti-aging intensive treatments 'e-ndorphin'
Beauty Addicts to present luxurious make-up beauty system
Hair rules to introduce hair care and styling solutions for a multi-textural world
Skin Nutrition to showcase Wellness concept face, body and nutrition line-up
KOSE to showcase 'Sekkisei Black Beauty Mask' with nano black powder
Claytime Australia to showcase its bronzing sun powders '1Carat collection'
Skin Nutrition to present a variety of skin and body care products
Dream Organics to debut its body indulgence splash at the Cosmoprof 08
Your name's mineral photo touch foundation with a built-in brush
Megathik to present its hair-loss products at the Cosmoprof 08
DR.Lewinn's to present its skin care product 'Line Smoothing Complex'
XKL LIBOTÉ to showcase its cosmetics derived from 100% hot spring water
Goodmill Cosmetics to introduce its premium cosmetic products 'IKOS'
Urban Healing to introduce its super natural juices
Phylophilo to present its a variety of aromatherapy products
Z.ONE Concept to introduce 'milk_shake & yogurt natural mask' for a new vital look
The Beauty Company to showcase its wash sponge 'Earth Spa Collection'
The Beauty Company Inc. to showcase premium quality natural cosmetic sponge and buff
Metropolis to present mini wireless iron 'MT-7655'
HAIRUWEAR to present clip-in-extensions 'Hairdo' created by Ken Paves
Brazil Beauty products to launch 'Brazilian fruit' cosmetics line
Nutra Luxe to introduce 'Beautylash MD' to prevent the adverse effects cosmetics
IKOS to present unique powder 'Egyptian Tanning Clay'
Las Vegas Spa Association to offer useful resources and network opportunities
BEYOND Dental & Health to showcase 'e-Bright Tooth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition'
BEYOND Dental & Health to showcase 'BEYOND WhiteSpa tooth whitening system'
ThermaFuse to present its hair care products at Cosmoprof 2008
Nutra Luxe to introduce its skin care line at the Cosmoprof
Nio spa collection to introduce its Dead Sea mineral bath salts
Metropolis to present its wireless hair iron for travelers
Clean Logic to introduce its new line of bath & shower accessories
Mommy Makeup to present the one-stop kit targeted at moms
Beauty Addicts to showcase its cosmetics of luxury beauty system
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