GWTS 2008
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Latest News  
Sandvik Trucking to introduce its crew member who completed truck remodeling in 28 days
Sandvik Trucking to display blue & green color 1998 Peterbilt truck
Sandvik Trucking to showcase purple & white concept 1996 Peterbilt truck 'Kaotic'
Brinker Transport to introduce 'The Legend of the Black Pearl'
Michael Most Trucking to exhibit 'Legends and Heros' with M&M concept
ICT to showcase its full line for Peterbilt truck with a 132-inch sleeper
Regional International Corp. to showcase '2007 Int'l Pro Star'
Calistoga Beverage Co. to present its historical 1930 Ford delivery truck
Burningham trucking to present black and blue flamed Peterbilt truck
Arrowhead water truck to display 1931 Ford antique model
First Class to display 2008 Mid-American World champion 'First in Class' truck
Hankook tire to introduce long-haul steer tire 'AL07+'
Volvo to showcase 'VNL 780' truck offering 77-inch sleeper cab
Valley Chrome Plating to showcase high-end chrome plated truck bumpers
Allen Lund Company to introduce its transportation broker service
Green Future Technology to introduce revolutionary invention 'GFT hydrogen generator'
ICT to present Peterbilt truck with a 132-inch ICT Sleeper
Mack to exhibit new heavyweight over-the-road truck 'Titan'
Ford to present industry's first Ford Work Solutions with 'F-250'
Volvo to display its new truck model 'VN780'
DiamondPower to introduce its auxiliary power 'Diamond APU'
CTS to present its new generation of Chameleon Rolling Tarps
Sleep Pointe to present its treatment device of sleep apnea for truck drivers
Wingmaster to showcase its variety of stainless steel accessories
Utility to present its industry's first EPA certified trailer 'Smartway 4000D-X'
Panelite to showcase its new custom truck accessories for Peterbilt 389
Everlite to showcase its dump trailer 'Alumatech Eagle' featuring frameless, round bottom end
Manac to present its lightweight bottom dump
Dart Transit to demonstrate its mobile training tool for safer highways
Freightliner to introduce its top-of-the-line heavy-duty truck 'Coronado'
Freightliner to showcase its new truck 'Cascadia'
Ford to introduce 'Tool Link' using RFID technology from DEWALT
Freightliner to present its heavy-duty truck 'Business Class M2 106'
The 2008 Great West Truck Show to hold in Las Vegas

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