JCK 2008
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 Kenzo(3)    Azimuth(2)    Binda(2)    Giantto Group(2)    Michele(2)    Quadtec(2)    TechnoMarine(2)    Wolf Design(2)    Zodiac(2)    Swarovski(1)    Casio(1)    Amali(1)    Brasway(1)    Dunamis(1)    ELLE Jewelry(1)    GL Fashion(1)    Icelink(1)    Kadloo(1)    Kirk Kara(1)    Martin Flyer(1)    mb-microtec(1)    Meavona(1)    Mido(1)    Oceanus(1)    OGI(1)    Orient(1)    Pluczenik(1)    Rebecca(1)    SWC(1)    Vabene(1)  
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Latest News  
TechnoMarine to unveil new BlackSnow model and 2008 Beijing Olympic special edition
SWC to present its design-oriented watch collection 'D.Factory'
Giantto group to showcase new Giantto timepiece collection and Von Dutch watch collection
BINDA to showcase variety of fashion jewelry and watches
OGI to launch new collection of semi-precious rings 'Watercolors by OGI'
BINDA to introduce six famous jewelry and watch brands at JCK 2008
Vabene to showcase its fashion accessories including 'Golden dust' at JCK 2008
Quadtec to introduce analog design-digital watch collection
Rebecca to showcase its latest fashion collection at JCK 2008
Amali to launch handcrafted artistry jewelry collection
AZIMUTH to introduce unique design timepiece collection
Martin Flyer to showcase FlyerFit collection at JCK 2008
KADLOO to present sporty and timeless design watch collection
mb-microtec usa to introduce traser H3 watches
Wenger to introduce Swiss-made watch series at JCK 2008
MIDO to present All Dial Carbon Chronometer 2008 model in Rose PVD
DUNAMIS to introduce 'Spartan collection' in pink featuring liquid diamonds
Brasway to display Moon bronze jewelry edition and Mirror watch collection
KENZO to announce its new double watchband for men 'Youri'
Azimuth to display its new timepieces at the JCK show
GL Fashion to present its jewelry collection designed for women
Valles-Dordal to showcase its jewelry collection adorned with color stones
Zodiac Watches to present its timepieces collection 'Glamour Sport'
KENZO to showcase its jewelry collection featuring various graphic forms
Zodiac Watches to present its Swiss-crafted new watch collection
A bee- inspired vivid orange diamond ring 'Abeile'
KENZO to display its new watch collection at the JCK show
Swarovski to showcase its new product brand 'Enlightened'
Kirk Kara to present its 3-platimum ring 'Bridal Set'
Meavona to announce its Scottish Islands collection 'Eriskay'
Quadtec to present its digital watch displaying quarterly time
Yael Sonia to display its necklace collection 'Spinning Wheel'
TechnoMarine to unveil new BlackSnow model
ELLE Jewelry & Watches to showcase its new collection at the JCK show 2008
Orient to introduce Retro Future collection at JCK 2008
IceLink to showcase 6Timezone Snow collection
Michele to present its new timepiece collection 'Deco Glamour'
Wolf Design to present its luxurious jewelry cases
Oceanus to display its newest addition to the luxurious men's collection
Von Dutch watches to showcase its new timepiece collection
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