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Latest News  
BenQ to introduce its strategic products for the 2nd half of 2008
Hanbit Electronics to reveal its handheld media computer 'Pepper Pad 3'
cRadia to introduce its portable notebook cooler 'flex mini'
Acer to showcase its gaming monitor 'G24' featuring 50,000:1 ACM contrast
BenQ to unveil its Victorian-style luxury notebook 'S42'
Matsunichi to present its portable video message device 'm-Qubic'
A portable mini projector designed for iPhone
Fun Twist to present its 4.3-inch iPhone-like PMP
ASUS's laptop equipped with mini-projector
SHARP to display its Atom-based slide-n-tilt MID 'Willcom D4'
Proview to showcase its 26-inch all-in-one PC featuring pen-writing usage
ASUS to unveil its USB tablet 'Handwriting Pad' dedicated to Eee PC
Datotek to present its USB flash memory with built-in fingerprint sensor
FruitsShop to present its penguin shaped USB flash drive
DARFON to present its colorful backlit keyboard easy to type in the dark
Genius to unveil the world's first one-touch panel Bluetooth headset
WALTOP to reveal its 72-inch touch screen whiteboard
XIGMA to display its various leather cases for digital devices
EQ Technology to present its UFO shaped Bluetooth car kit
Hivision to present its eco-friendly netbook 'NB1020' based on Linux
BTC to reveal its next-generation gaming rotary keyboard with LED backlit
Genius to display its 3-in-one home entertainment integrator
TwinTek to present its rugged and muscular tablet pc for military use
Fruitshop to present its bone-shaped earphone cord wrap 'Bone Wrap'
ATP to announce its GPS photo finder allowing for digital photo geotagging
Elonex to present the UK's first £100 sub laptop 'ONE'
HTC to present its 3.5G HSDPA smart phone 'TyTN II'
Enermax to present its zero-screw design HDD enclosure 'JAZZ'
DARFON to introduce its dancing pc mouse 'Interactive Mouse'
Shuttle to display its shopping bag-shaped mini pc
Computex Taipei 2008 closes at a high point
FIC to unveil its 8.9-inch UMPC based on VIA C7 or Intel Atom processor
HTC to present its sleek and compact phone 'Touch Cruise'
MEDION to display its Atom-based 10-inch notebook 'Akoya'
SUNIX to present its serial card 'RS-232' for business applications
Little Wing to release its 1600 dpi 3D/5D laser mouse
'HTC Advantage' featuring 16GB memory and detachable full keyboard
ASUS to showcase its 3.5G HSDPA PDA phone 'P750'
ASUS to present its compact Windows Mobile PDA phone 'P320'
ASUS to present its personal navigation device 'R710'
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