LFI 2008
Housing  Lighting(49)  
 Philips(6)    Hess(3)    NuTech Lighting(3)    Kumho(2)    Osram Sylvania(2)    Ushio(2)    Vossloh Schwabe(2)    JoBe Lighting(1)    Feelux(1)    Alanod(1)    Albeo(1)    Allscape(1)    Belfer Group(1)    Cira Light(1)    Diogen Lighting(1)    Edge Lighting(1)    Enocean Alliance(1)    Full Spectrum Solutions(1)    Ilumisys(1)    Juno Lighting(1)    Megaman(1)    Ming Solar(1)    Moda Light(1)    Modular International(1)    Parans Solar Lighting(1)    PowerFilm(1)    SLI (1)    Solartube(1)    Square d clipsal(1)    Sunoptics(1)  
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Latest News  
Solartube to launch its tubular daylighting devices delivering up to 750 square inches
Renaissance Lighting to introduce its 4-inch solid-state LED downlight
Allscape to introduce its in-ground lighting fixture 'SL-29 Trio'
Juno to introduce its new low-power LED lighting system 'TL201LED'
Full Spectrum Solutions to showcase its fully adjustable lighting 'Berkeley Lamp II'
Diogen Lighting to present its LED light string for professional installer
Sensor Switch to announce its revolutionary control system 'nLIGHT'
Diogen Lighting to introduce its next-generation light bulb
Albo Technologies to display its LED showcase lighting 'Brilliance'
Ming Solar to present its solar power integrated light poles
Square D Clipsal to display its neo DLT keypads with blue LED
SLI to present its durable and easy to install fluorescent fixtures
Albeo Technologies to present its white-LED low bay fixture
MODA light to display its stylish LED lineup at LFI 2008
Philips to launch a new exterior lighting 'ColorReach Powercore'
Hess to display its outdoor indirect luminaire 'Siera'
ilumisys to launch its first patented LED tubes
Tech Lighting to display its LED pendants
Kumho to present its new energy-saving fluorescent lamps 'Earthcare'
Tech Lighting's hand-bendable LED architectural lighting system 'LED MonoRail'
Sunoptics to showcase its prismatic skylights
OSRAM SYLVANIA to introduce Quicktronic PowerSHED ballast
Megaman to present its total dimming solution 'Dimmerable'
Edge Lighting to introduce its gooseneck spot light 'The Night Owl'
Belfer group to showcase a wide range of lighting fixture
Kumho to introduce its new T5 fluorescent lamp 'Sequoia'
OSRAM SYLVANIA to unveil full line of LED and OLED table lamp
FEELUX Lighting to introduce its dimmable 'SlimLine' lighting system
Philips to display next generation of retail lighting system
XLEDs to showcase innovative new style of LED lighting
VS to introduce component systems for lighting applications
Enocean alliance to present self-powered wireless switches and sensors
Alanod to display highly reflective MIRO surfaces
Philips to present its Powercore LED series
Philips to introduce Luxeon High Power LED lighting system
Philips to showcase its Actilium control lighting system
Philips to present first 3-way CFL lighting system
CIRALIGHT to present active daylighting system 'SunTrackerOne'
Parans Solar Lighting to present its new solar panel 'SP2'
JoBe Lighting to launch its unique outdoor lighting 'Beckstone'
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