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Latest News  
Samsung to present its Beijing Olympic phone 'F488E'
K-Touch to reveal its 8M camera phone 'C280'
AIGO to display its storyteller pen 'aigopen'
Sellgino to present its GPS tracker 'GPS Photo Tour' offering real-time location info
OMDM to showcase its large-sized movable LED display
Samsung's Beijing Olympic phone 'F268'
CHANGHONG to present its head-mounted display 'PMC-481D'
LG to reveal its 3G mobile handset 'KD876' targeting China
3Dinlife to introduce its portable 3D player '3DDV'
Panasonic to showcase its 150-inch HD PDP TV
Samsung to present its 14.1-inch notebook pc 'R410' in China
LG to present its 5M camera phone 'Viewty' in China
LG to display its Touch Lighting phone 'KF510' with LED touchpad
Hisense to showcase its latest 3G mobile phone 'T68'
LG to present its two door refrigerator featuring a Swarovski handle
Samsung to display its latest flagship phone 'SOUL' in China
LG to present its latest LCD TV 'LG60 Series' adopting Intelligent Sensor
LG to reveal its 3rd Black Label Series handset 'Secret'
Samsung to attend the 11th CHITEC, with marketing for Beijing Olympic

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