2008 Auto China
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 Toyota(8)    Mercedes-Benz(4)    Nissan(4)    GM(4)    Audi(3)    Volkswagen(3)    Chrysler(2)    Mitsubishi(2)    Oullim Networks(2)    BMW(2)    Kia Motors(1)    Daihatsu Motor(1)    Land Rover(1)    Rolls-Royce(1)    Renault Samsung Motors(1)    Maserati(1)    Mazda Motor(1)    BAIC(1)    Bentley Motors(1)    Brabus(1)    Spyker(1)    Citroen(1)    Ssangyong Motor(1)    Aston Martin(1)    Oullim Motors(1)    OPEL(1)    Infiniti(1)    Jaguar(1)    Cherry(1)    Ferrari(1)  
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Latest News  
Shanghai GM to reveal its luxury concept car 'Buick Invicta' - Detailed Image
A 360-degree rotating concept car 'Pivo2' to be displayed
Renault to showcase its concept car 'Altica' powered by 2.0 Diesel engine
NISSAN to roll out its concept car 'Pivo2' with 360-degree rotating body
JAGUAR to present its dynamic sedan 'XF'
Cadillac to present its hydrogen fuel-cell concept car 'Provoq'
TOYOTA to display its compact sedan 'VIOS'
GM to present its EV concept car 'Chevrolet volt'
Oullim Motors to reveal its hand-made sports car 'New Spirra'
TOYOTA to display its popular small car 'YARIS'
BRABUS to present Mercedes-Benz tuning car 'C200K'
Porsche to display its hybrid SUV 'Cayenne Hybrid'
TOYOTA to showcase its high-end sedan 'CROWN Royale Salon'
BMW to present its five-door compact 1 Series '120i'
BMW's eco-friendly SAC concept car 'X6 Active Hybrid'
Oullim to reveale its hand-made sports car 'Spirra S' - Detailed Image
Land Rover to reveal its eco-friendly concept car 'LRX'
NISSAN to present its concept car 'NV200'
MITSUBISHI to unveil its eco-friendly concept car 'Concept-RA'
Jeep to unveil its two-passenger concept car 'Renegade'
Dodge to present its electric-only concept car 'ZEO' - Detailed Image
Opel to present its 'Flextreme' powered by lithium-ion battery pack
Maybach's new 'Landaulet 62S' to be displayed during Auto China 2008
CITROEN to showcase its eco-friendly concept car 'C-Cactus'
TOYOTA to present its hybrid car 'Prius' available in Korea in 2H of 2009
Shanghai GM to reveal its luxury concept car 'Buick Invicta'
Star Custom Auto to display Chrysler's 'Plymouth Prowler'
IAT to showcase its sports concept car 'Cross Wind'
Audi to present its high-performance midship sports car 'R8'
Cadillac to display its luxury sedan 'SLS'
Volkswagen to present its eco-friendly compact SUV 'Tiguan'
Geely to unveil its sports concept car 'GT'
BAIC to present its sports concept car 'Beijing 700R'
Chery to showcase its five-door hatchback 'A3'
TOYOTA to present its hybrid concept car 'Hybrid -X'
TOYOTA to present its hybrid sports concept car 'FT-H5'
Mercedes-Benz to unveil its compact SUV 'New GLK 280' - Detailed Image
SIVAX to present its sports coupe concept car 'IZANA'
DAIHATSU to display its 2-passenger sports car 'OFC-1'
Oullim Motors to reveal its hand-made sports car 'New Spirra'
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