2008 China Sourcing Fairs
Mobile  Navigation(8)   Misc.(7)   Cellphone(3)   MP3P(2)   PMP(2)  
Computing  Storage(7)   Component(1)   Network(1)   Notebook(1)  
Home Appliances  Misc.(1)  
Housing  Home Network(1)  
Motors  Accessory(10)  
Industry  Field News(42)   Industry(1)  
AV/PA  Misc.(5)   HD-DVD/Blu-ray(4)   TV(2)   Home Media Center(1)  
Game  Portable Game(1)  
 Global Sources(41)    Goodview Electronics(1)    Longhorn Technology(1)    Proview(1)    Ronsin Leather Case(1)    Sitel Phones HK(1)    THTF(1)    T-mec(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   English(100)    Korean(60)    Chinese(Simplified)(1)  
Latest News  
Wanxinda to display its Chinese style cases for mobile products
A wood pattern case for iPod products
Newland to present its 10.2-inch portable DVD player 'PDVD-12'
Newland to present its 8-inch digital photo frame 'PF-01'
Dolsonmuse to display its LED durable charge lamp
TP-LINK to present its wireless N Gigabit router
Wonderful to introduce its popular Hi-Fi component system
Divoom to showcase its stylish speaker systems
Schaub Lorenz to display its 7-inch digital photo frame for young people
Schaub Lorenz to present its portable CD radio cassette recorder
CASKA to present its car multimedia system 'CA3025' designed for Toyota Crown
Sinfonia to present its built-in GPS AV systems
Hanton to showcase its 4.3-inch in-dash car DVD player 'HT-430'
JEJA to present its 4 wires video door phone 'JS-228EII'
MeLE to showcase its HD home media center with NAS 'HMC-35HD'
MeLE to present its new multimedia PMP 'GMT-600' with GPS function
MeLE to present its low cost PMP 'PMC-200A' with big capacity HDD
JENSOR to present its all-in-one built-in GPS system 'AVH-7071'
Hiinfo to present its car PC 'N53 Series' adopting 6.5-inch LCD touchscreen
Motevo to display its 7-inch multimedia AV navigation systems
efortune to present its keychain type photo viewer
efortune to showcase its 2.4-inch table photo viewer
7-inch portable DVD player designed for young people
BIWIN to present its ball pen type USB drive 'UDF106'
efortune to present its 1.5-inch egg-shaped photo viewer
Microflash to display a variety of designed USB flash drives
Gigaflash to present its promotional USB flash drive 'FD837'
Gigaflash to introduce its promotional USB flash drive 'FO-852'
Hantat to present its banana shaped USB flash drive supporting up to 8GB
Gold-East to present its 4mm-thick card type USB memory 'F101'
'Smartcable', a wisdom combination of data transmission, charger and flash disk
Logic Gear to display its 4.3-inch navigation adopting Samsung's CPU
Logic Gear to present its 3.5-inch multimedia navigation device 'XL 399'
Logic Gear to present its 7-inch navigation device 'XL series'
Honye to showcase its new car audio system 'HV-393' with USB port
Honye to display its new car audio system 'HV-2008'
ForYou to showcase its in-car entertainment products
CJC to showcase its latest 2.1-channel multimedia speaker 'CJC-213'
Nextbase to display its stylish digital photo frames
CJC to introduce its latest 2.1-channel multimedia speaker 'CJC-351'
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