2008 CeBIT
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Latest News  
ACD Gruppe presented its POS system at CeBIT 2008
t+t netcom handhelds powered by CAEN RFID showcased at CeBIT 2008
Navigon to display its 4.3-inch entry-level navigator '2110 max'
NAVIGON presented a 3D mobile navigation device 'NAVIGON 8110'
Myguide's 'NavJacket' supporting GPS function
Navteq presented its new SW 'Discover Cities' for mobile devices
Navteq's real-time traffic information system
Nav N Go launched a lifelike 3D navigation SW 'iGO8'
Garmin presented its first touchscreen handset 'nüvifone'
Garmin showcased a 5.2-inch premium navigator 'nüvi 5000'
Thomson's integrated femtocell gateway 'TG870'
Thomson displayed two-in-one DECT phone 'Symbio'
Netgear to present its compact and stylish NAS product 'ReadyNAS Duo'
Netgear demonstrated its connected home concept
NETGEAR showcased its three new wireless-N Products
Linksys to present a stylish N router with a new software
D-Link introduced its 'Green Ethernet' products for SMBs
D-Link showcased a wireless USB hub with its starter kit
Digital Streams presented its HDD destroyer 'Crush Box'
SPARKLE showcased broad range of innovative graphic and gaming solutions
Gigabyte to introduce its 4.8-inch MID 'M528'
Abit's new photo frame containing photo printer
Abit unveiled its Atom-based MID at CeBIT 2008
Abit to display a motherboard adopting Intel's new chipset
MSI unveiled its 15.4-inch gaming notebook 'GX-600'
MSI's air-purifying laptop 'GX-620'
Sonim to introduce its rugged industrial mobile phone 'XP1'
MSI displayed a cooling solution that runs without power
Bodian Electronic Technology introduced a waterproof TV 'Taka'
LEIYON to introduce its LCD TV line-up products
MSI to present its anion notebook pc 'PR620'
EVGA showcased its dual-screen display 'InterView'
Clevo showcased 13.3-inch laptop featuring oriental design
CLEVO unveiled its LCD PC 'L390T'
CoolerMaster's flagship cooling fan series
CoolerMaster's new chassis 'Cosmos S'
Foxconn displayed its motherboard adopting Intel's new CPU
Sandisk presented 16GB 'Vaulter Disk'
Sandisk's new 'FlashBack Adapter' for SD cards
Genius' new 'OptoWheel' mouse 'Traveler 525 Laser'
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