2008 CES
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Latest News  
3DV System to present its 3D video camera technology 'ZCam'
Panasonic to present its navigation device 'CQ-VX100U' compatible for iPod
[At a Glance] Cobra Wireless Telegraph 'LI 7200-2 WX VP'
Belkin to demo a water-resistant washable mouse
ACE CAD to introduce Scan capture notepad 'DigiMemo 692'
KOSS to present its 20~18,000Hz headphone 'KC25'
AutoXray to introduce Drive Assure Engine Light Urgency Indicator at CES2008
Lifeware introduced the future-style kitchen
Lifeware introduced the future-style game room
Lifeware introduced the future-style home office
Lifeware introduced the future-style bedroom
SAMSUNG to announce two HD family of devices
Samsung to present MP3 player collection of P2, T10, S5
Samsung to introduce two main products for new office experience
Samsung to present AV media center 'A1000'
Samsung to showcase its new Duo HD disc player 'BD-UP5500'
Samsung to introduce 2008 design concept with LCD HDTV Series 7
Samsung to unveil its ultra-thin LCD TV featuring Touch of Color
Tokina to introduce its portable lighting system 'Studio-in-a-Box'
LG to explain its partnership with Netflix
LG to demonstrate MPH((Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld) products
LG to showcase its stylish and innovative mobile phones at CES 2008
LG to unveil 2008 LCD & Plasma HDTV line-up
Casio to showcase its compact digital camera 'EX-Z100'
Casio to present its compact digital camera 'EX-Z80'
[CES 2008] WirelessHD Press Conference -Q&A section
WirelessHD to share its WirelessHD 1.0 functionality at CES 2008
CES 2008 WirelessHD Press Conference - How to be an adopter?
WirelessHD to introduce DTCP technology at the CES 2008
WirelessHD to announce the availability of Wireless HD 1.0
Canon to present its 16GB dual-flash camcorder 'FS11'
Panasonic to showcase its VIERA-branded plat panel TVs
Seagate to present its shining style external hard drive 'BlackArmor'
Plantronics to present its Bluetooth stereo headset 'Voyager 855'
Fujitsu to present its prototype of fabric laptop
SIRIUS to present its car-use satellite radio 'SP5TK1'
Linksys offers a wireless solution to link IT and AV platform
Lenovo to unveil its 4.8-inch UMPC based on Menlow platform
LG to introduce its 4.8-inch UMPC prototype
A 7-inch car pc 'Car PC Neo' based on Windows XP Embedded
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