CES 2021 Seoul
Mobile/Computing  Mobile/Computing(19)  
 네오사피엔스(Neosapience)(1)    누비랩(Nuvi Lab)(1)    주식회사 파이퀀트 (PiQuant)(1)    AIVAR(1)    AlgoCare(1)    BlockXen(1)    BluePrintLAB(1)    Bronine(1)    CES 2021(1)    CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion(1)    ENERNET(1)    Everex(1)    MediWhale(1)    Nu Eyne(1)    RealDesignTech(1)    SCALARDATA(1)    Seoul Metropolitan Government(1)    SMG(1)    WayneHills Ventures(1)  
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Latest News  
Seoul Metropolitan Government attracts PnP branch of a global investment firm and starts investing for smart city
[CES 2021 SEOUL] Nu Eyne to present Cellena, an electronic medicine-based wearable device for eye health
[CES 2021 SEOUL] WayneHills Ventures to unveil video production service Wayne Hills AI Pro SW
Seoul Metropolitan Government becomes the guiding light for startups in Digital CES 2021
CES 2021 Seoul Pavilion with 15 companies to hold webinars for 3 days on Jan 6-8
[CES 2021 SEOUL] RealDesignTech introduces Ultiracer, a bike roller for indoor cycling
[CES 2021 SEOUL] AlgoCare introduces smart medication management solution
[CES 2021 SEOUL] AIVAR says "myFiit is an essential solution for the post-COVID e-commerce market"
[CES 2021 SEOUL] BluePrintLAB to introduce fast and simple AR virtual fitting solution
[CES 2021 SEOUL] ENERNET to expand its energy efficiency system in the untact era
[CES 2021 SEOUL] MediWhale advances to the global market with AI integrated solution for eye disease
[CES 2021 SEOUL] EverEx develops KneeEx to enable knee rehabilitation exercise at home
15 innovative Seoul technology companies to exhibit at CES 2021
[CES 2021 SEOUL] BlockXen developed a new portable game console Cloudgear
[CES 2021 Seoul] Neosapience launches AI voice actor casting service Typecast
[CES 2021 Seoul] Nuvi Lab's AI Food Scanner selected to receive CES 2021 Innovation Award
[CES 2021 Seoul] PiQuant develops spectroscopy technology that improves SNR by 48,000 times
[CES 2021 Seoul] Electric vehicle charging R&D company SCALARDATA introduces self-developed CAN-PLC communication and protocol compatible technology
[CES 2021 Seoul] Bronine unveils free voltage charging technology Volkit... "Looking forward to meeting official partner at CES 2021"

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