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Latest News  
Gyeonggi Contents Agency holds CES 2021 online video conference... Supports participation of 12 Gyeonggi-based contents convergence startups in online exhibition
[CES 2021 GCA] STRIG introduces microcurrent fascia relaxation massager
[CES 2021 GCA] Coconut Silo to introduce one-stop logistics solution Coco Truck
[CES 2021 GCA] Yellowknife to introduce Veloga Auto, a customized interface service for vehicle LCD clusters
[CES 2021 GCA] CEBIEN to showcase C-WATER hand care solution
[CES 2021 GCA] VRotein announces AR-based putting training service TourPutt... To make CES a spurt to overseas markets
[CES 2021 GCA] Mand.ro to introduce affordable prosthetic hands that can comfort users
[CES 2021 GCA] Emotionwave announces music education service MuLearn… Over 50,000 music databases and class content resources supported
[CES 2021 GCA] The2H to introduce VR game contents Hyperspace, the next-gen reality connected game
[CES 2021 GCA] D.I. Electronics to present qwerty case for the visually impaired
[CES 2021 GCA] GeniRobot plans to unveil GeniBot, its all-in-one educational coding robot... Registered 3 patents and owns 6 patents
[CES 2021 GCA] Dear.architect to exhibit block-combined picture book AR&ROOMY after receiving 2020 CES Innovation Award
[CES 2021 GCA] GOODBYECAR to introduce BASTRO-2KW (portable auxiliary power supply) that won the 2020 Good Design Award

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