BCB 2020
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Latest News  
[BCB 2020] Mackiss Company introduces Ijewoorin made from 100% domestic rice and Lin21 made from 100% domestic barley
[BCB 2020] Cheonjigaebyeok, introduces hangover relief drink Cheonjigaebyeok and carbonated drink Jeju Hallabong Sparkling
[BCB 2020] Canworks introduces eco-friendly Can Seaming packaging solution
[BCB 2020] IBEE Agricultural Cooperative introduces Honeymoon Wine and Honeybee Wine
[BCB 2020] Applease Korea introduces new apple cider HEBE
[BCB 2020] Idong Brewery 1957 introduces Idong Rice Makgeolli made by traditional fermentation method
[BCB 2020] Yangchon Brewery introduces River Snail Rice Wine that won the Korea Liquor Awards in 2020
[BCB 2020] Agricultural corporation Yesan Apple Wine introduces Chusa 40, apple distilled beverage
[BCB 2020] Kabrew introduces Nine Tail Fox peach ale and Nine Tail Fox relaxation beer
[BCB 2020] Trevier introduces Trevier T-Weisen and Trevier Woori Ssal lager
[BCB 2020] Playground Brewery introduces its major beers, Gentleman Lager, Monk IPA, and Whole Splash IPA
[BCB 2020] Hwasu Company introduces citron pale ale and porter beer
[BCB 2020] Hwayo preserves the aroma of rice with no additives
[BCB 2020] Sulseam to introduce its major liquor Mir 40, Sulseam 16, and Red Monkey
[BCB 2020] Geumgyedang introduces Byeolbarang (17.5%) and handmade raw rice wine Barang (15%)

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