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Latest News  
[Pangyo Issue] WEBTOON parent NAVER announces approval of agreement to acquire Wattpad
[PangyoTechnoValley] Coconut Silo services cargo transportation brokerage platform in Vietnam
[PangyoTechnoValley] Hanwha Announces Wisenet 7, Next Generation System on a Chip
[Pangyo Rap-News] It's my first day at Pangyo Technovalley~
[Pangyo Rap-News] I want to work in Pangyo! Jobseeker series
[Pangyo 2020 Year End Report] Hancom Group expands business from SW to drones and aerospace
[Pangyo Technovalley] STACKUP designs life products with special ideas
[PangyoTechnoValley] SK bioscience's COVID-19 vaccine enters clinical trials
[Pangyo Technovalley] Edutech company TagHive creates smart classroom by using clicker
[Pangyo Technovalley] EMTAKE launches a low-end human body heat detection camera
[Pangyo Technovalley] CoX Space soon to mass-produce gesture machine learning mouse
[Pangyo 2020 Year End Report] Gabia Hiworks has no. 1 market share in groupware and mail service
Kakao Makers hits accumulated transaction of 300 billion won
[Pangyo 2020 Year End Report] Leading game company NC Soft seeks diversification as AI powerhouse
[Pangyo-Rap News] Pangyo Technovalley's bio-healthcare company introduced as rap
[Pangyo Technovalley] KC Global, AR-based art exhibition gallery app developer
[Pangyo Technovalley] S-Icon, semiconductor material production equipment manufacturer
[Pangyo 2020 Year-End Report] AZothBio, AI platform-based new drug development company
[Pangyo 2020 Year End Report] Kakao Pay's payment transaction amount increased by 72% compared to the same period last year
[Pangyo-Rap News] PAMS introduced by a rapper
[PagnyoTechnoValley] Bluefeel, attracted attention with all of its suction power with five bowling balls, achieved 750 million won in global funding
[Pangyo Technovalley] 3D JUN's 3D modeling solution boasts unparalleled reproduction range
[Pangyo Technovalley] Dentaluv starts selling suction equipment Suction Free in Korean market
[Pangyo Technovalley] J2C successfully exports to China with global promotion of ontact video
[PangyoTechnoValley] ZEPETO attracts 5 billion won investment from JYP Entertainment... "Will expand global market influence"
[Pangyo Issue] Naver Whale reaps to sow the O2O platform ecosystem for future mobility
[PangyoTechnoValley] Naver Labs unveils technology achievements to lead global robot research at a global machine technology forum
[PangyoTechnoValley] Minglecon to kick off an online video content service in January 2021
[Pangyo Issue] KakaoTalk introduces open chat auto-response moderator bot
[Pangyo Technovalley] Strig released Strig M-1 Pro, a personal fascia massager for relaxation
[Pangyo Issue] Kakao releases session on its website for if(kakao)2020 conference
[PangyoTechnoValley] Kakao Japan's records #1 sales in comic-fiction apps worldwide
[Pangyo Issue] Kakao reveals MMA 2020 teaser video and concept... More intimate, more diverse, and closer!
[Pangyo Issue] Naver Pay now works offline
[Pangyo Issue] Naver's 3Q 2020 operating revenue grows 24.2% YoY to 1.36 trillion won
[Pangyo Issue] Kakao makes 1.1T and 120.2B won in 2020 3Q consolidated sales and operating profit
[PangyoTechnoValley] BTS confirmed to appear in MMA 2020!
[Pangyo Issue] NAMUTECH showcased its cloud native platform 'Cocktail Cloud' at GSMA Thrive North America
[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation Hub in Asia] The Little Cat solves cat's health and diet problems with Smart Cat Wheel
[Pangyo Technovalley, Innovation Hub in Asia] Interview with Kim Jae-hwan, the Head of Gyeonggido Autonomous Driving Center, the control tower for Pangyo autonomous driving demonstration complex
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