ENVEX 2020
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Latest News  
[ENVEX 2020] MAK to introduce Oracle Water System, a disinfection/prevention device
[ENVEX 2020] City Oil Field to introduce waste plastic decomposition treatment and energy recovery technology
[ENVEX 2020] Kukjae Environmental Tech develops animal manure solid-liquid separator and organic recycling facility
[ENVEX 2020] Cheonsei to introduce diaphragm metering pump capable of transporting accurate amounts
[ENVEX 2020] Kyung Dong R&H introduces plasma AOP high-speed water treatment sterilizer
[ENVEX 2020] Oura Korea to introduce breeze power control unit (OUR-N) and low resistance high efficiency master diffuser
[ENVEX 2020] E&Chem Solution to introduce hydrogen sulfide and siloxane removing adsorbent DeHyS-250
[ENVEX 2020] Sang Won Machinery to introduce one-body RTO concentrator and horizontal rotary distributed heat storage combustion system Advanced RTO
[ENVEX 2020] M&Tech to introduce waste resources and energy technology
[ENVEX 2020] THE.WAVE.TALK introduces smart IoT water sensors
[ENVEX 2020] Kinsco Technology to introduce customizable gas analysis equipment
[ENVEX 2020] Mimicry introduces household food waste treatment system
[ENVEX 2020] EPS introduces low-pollution waste treatment and energy and resource production technology
[ENVEX 2020] Yusung Engineering to introduce deodorization facility, fire extinguishing gas recycling facility, and screw pump
[ENVEX 2020] Wekotec to install water quality meter at over 100 sewage/wastewater treatment plants nationwide
[ENVEX 2020] Arun to introduce waste treatment filtering equipment and materials
[ENVEX 2020] Water treatment and air pollution prevention company Sunil ECT introduces technology development patent acquired environmental pollution prevention facility
[ENVEX 2020] Ecoway plans to introduce Ecosh, an anhydrous urinal that can save water
[ENVEX 2020] Ncwon introduces heat blocking blocks for roads and sidewalks
[ENVEX 2020] WI.Plat introduces intelligent leak management platform NeLow
[ENVEX 2020] E8ight develops fluid simulation software NFLOW
[ENVEX 2020] Chungryu F&S introduces biogas refining facility (BCDF) and energy gas refining facility (CCDF)
[ENVEX 2020] Jinenertech succeeds in the first mass production of sewage sludge fuel coal Korea... Catching two birds with one stone, environmental protection and economic effect
[ENVEX 2020] Sun Jin B&T will introduce eco-friendly deodorizer
[ENVEX 2020] TSK Engineering to introduce electric deionization device (EDI) MDI
[ENVEX 2020] Korea Technologies covers design, production, delivery, and construction of sludge collector
[ENVEX 2020] Daeshin MC to introduce sanitary washing equipment... Cyclone suction mat, shoe bottom washer, cart wheel washer
[ENVEX 2020] Envice to introduce eco-friendly food waste processor

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