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Latest News  
[CES 2020] Addeleco to introduce portable 2.4GHz digital wireless microphone syste
[CES 2020] The 2nd Baemin K-Startup Ready to Start! Taking off with MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT as stepping stone
[CES 2020] MARVRUS to announce SPEAKIT the communication enhancement solution
[CES 2020] Moderntech to showcase new concept charging system Electric Vehicle Robot System
[CES 2020] Geniesoft to show VR Rhythm Game Beat Smash to enjoy K-pop
[CES 2020] Four startup companies in Changwon City to showcase their excellent technology to investors around the world
[CES 2020] CTNS to introduce Block Battery that can be stacked like Lego blocks
Incheon TP supports startup global launch at CES 2020... Global market and technology trends identified and overseas buyers met
Major startups of Korea emerging as unicorn companies
[CES 2020 MIK Preview Video] J2C to showcase monocular iris recognizer to acquire clear image
[CES 2020 MIK Preview Video] The Color Group to showcase portable nitro cold brew coffee N2Falls
[CES 2020 MIK Preview Video] A Nine to showcase one-person household and lonely death management system based on power measurement technology and data wireless communication technology
[CES 2020 MIK Preview Video] SeesawTalk to showcase its on-demand mobile portal service platform Seesaw
[CES 2020 MIK Preview Video] Deepmedi to introduce blood pressure notification application

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