BISS 2019
Mobile/Computing  Mobile/Computing(20)  
 Stafild(1)    ADAGE & Dancestar(1)    APL color(1)    Arch Balance(1)    Balac(1)    blue peach(1)    DAUL & HAUL CO., LTD(1)    DONG BO S.M CO., LTD(1)    ENCOREE. CO., LTD(1)    finalstadium(1)    HANJIN INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD(1)    I.B International Co., Ltd(1)    KIT(1)    Korea Institute of Footwear & Leather Technology(1)    mau(1)    SNIP(1)    UGLY BEAVER(1)    USM CORPORATION LTD.(1)    WIG KOREA CO., LTD(1)    Young Chang ECO Co., Ltd(1)  
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Latest News  
[BISS 2019 Video] Final Stadium introduces winners at BISS
[BISS 2019] Kyungnam College of Information and Technology introduces Department of Shoes & Fashion Industry
[BISS 2019] USM Corporation manufactures and supplies high-quality machinery
[BISS 2019] Young Chang Eco to display various functional comfort shoes
[BISS 2019] Ivy International Introduces Forsyth, the world's first sneaker-like boots
[BISS 2019] Mau introduces simple and slim line MAU MARIN
[BISS 2019] KIFLT showcases eco-friendly city-based footwear manufacturing technology
[2019 BISS] Adage & Danstar displays dance shoes with comfort and smooth movement
[BISS 2019] Hanjin Industrial showcases TUBLOCK, the free walking shoes that makes you healthy
[BISS 2019] Dongbo SM introduces PU casting processing made with long history and know-how
[BISS 2019] APL Color showcases personal colors customized for everyone
[BISS 2019] Elgani showcases smart mini massager
[BISS 2019] En Coree displays sneakers that contain technology, passion and people
[BISS 2019] Ugly Beaver introduces Ugly Wire Shoes, a design shoe with advanced technology
[BISS 2019] Wig Korea introduces lawn embroidery sole made with best technique
[2019 BISS] Angang Shoes displays non-slip sole by different parts
[BISS 2019] Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency introduces Seongnam SMEs in BISS 2019
[2019 BISS] J.Daul introduces Superb made with natural rubber
[BISS 2019] Blue Peach introduces its ugly shoes with sentimentality Crazy Fly
[2019 BISS] Arch Balance introduced the world's first customized insole

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