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Latest News  
[CES 2020] TINTABLE introduced Ski Goggles with light and shade control with electrochrome lens technology
[CES 2020] Onan Korea introduced small-space wireless air purifier Lumena A3
[CES 2020] Security film manufacturer YES2B joins MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT as official promotion partner
[CES2020] GJSROBOT introduced its 3rd-gen robot with advanced motion recognition controller GANKER EX
[CES 2020] Innopresso showcases Mokibo, its touchpad-integrated keyboard
[CES 2020] Jeonju IT&CT Industry Promotion Agency builds smart twin based on digital twin
[CES 2020] J2C showcases monocular iris recognizer to acquire clear image
[CES 2020] PLATFORMBASE introduces battery-free small digital lock and ICT-based control system
[CES 2020] Opportunity to communicate with CES 2020 exhibitors in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Joint Site Meeting
[CES 2020] Sungshin Women's University Startup Support Group to not reserve its power to help the companies
[CES 2020] Anyang Mayor Choi Dae-ho says "CES will be a stepping stone to make a smart city in Industry 4.0 and plant new dreams and visions for young people."
[CES 2020] Daegu Gyeongbuk Joint Pavilion launches IR pitching program for 13 excellent companies
[CES 2020] Deepmedi introduced the app that can manage health with smartphone camera
[CES 2020] Choice Technology introduces its wireless image pointer X-Pointer
[CES 2020] Moderntech introduced Electric Vehicle Charging Robot, the unmanned electric vehicle charger with a new concept
[CES 2020] Dream of displaying our smart wireless massager Dr. Music Pop in Walmart
What we are most confident of is technology and quality. Moderntec introduces the world's first electric car robot charger!
[CES 2020] Manager Choi Jun-bum of Jeonju City says "We will build the smart city in Jeonju style by CES"
[CES 2020] Attention to the global sales of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul! – ④ Smart City II
[CES 2020] NAMUTECH introduces its upgraded Cocktail Cloud 4.0 at CES 2020
[CES 2020] Attention to the global sales of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul! – ③ Life II
Jorjin and Gigabyte Join Forces to Showcase a Smart Pharmacy Solution and a New Family of AR Smart Glasses at CES 2020
Huami Amazfit Honored the Most Noteworthy Smart Wearable Innovation Enterprise by IDG at CES and Amazfit Powerbuds Awarded the Best TWS Fitness Earphone
BOE exhibits a galaxy of innovative display technologies at CES 2020
Digital Air Strike Announces Record 2019 Growth at CES Conference and Named a Top 20 Biggest Software Company
Delta Partners with IBM to Explore Quantum Computing - an Airline Industry First
ILIFE introduces three new products at CES 2020 Breaking through robotic cleaning technology
Echelon Fitness Spotlights Suite Of Connected Fitness Products At CES 2020 Smart Rower, Auto-Folding Treadmill, Reflect Touch Fitness Mirror, Commercial Products + Samsung Partnership
Tenavolts New Generation Rechargeable Lithium AAA Batteries Now Is Available on Amazon
CES 2020: SK hynix Displays its Semiconductor Technologies Leading the 4th Industrial Revolution
[CES 2020] Perfitt introduces foot measuring app for online shoe shopping malls
[CES 2020] NAMUTECH launches the Cloud Native Application Management Platform 'Cocktail Cloud 4.0'
At CES 2020, AARP Showcases Age-Tech and the Market Potential of Consumers Age 50-Plus
MOON Ultra to Launch the MOON UltraLight at CES
Wooptix showing the first ever single lens light field camera at CES 2020 in Las Vegas
Thundercomm Introduces E-cockpit Solution 4.0 at CES 2020
Aipower's Wearbuds Pro, Updated Wristband-housed True Wireless Earbuds Debuts at CES 2020
[CES 2020] Attention to the global sales of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul! – ② Life
[CES 2020] Attention to the global sales of the advanced Smart City & Smart Life of Seoul! -① Mobility & charging
[CES 2020] Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian to Keynote at CES 2020
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