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Latest News  
Fujitsu 5.6-inch UMPC supporting HSDPA
rock to showcase multimedia LCD TV with HD-DVD drive
SanDisk displayed fast Ducati USB drive
SanDisk to present 10 color USB flash drive
Fujitsu's smart phone running on Windows Mobile 6 Standard
Toshiba to present its CDMA 1X WIN phone 'W54T'
Fujitsu to unveil 'Palm Secure' mouse with a palm vein scanner
Toshiba to unveil its 120Hz full HD LCD TV 'REGZA Z series'
Kohjinsha 7-inch mini notebook pc 'SH series'
Sharp's 12.1-inch ASV type liquid crystal module for mobile device
ZENRIN to present its new PSP with GPS function
HTC to unveil its prototype 3G smart phone 'HT1100'
A dancing robot with lithium ion capacity
Toshiba to present its 15.4-inch HD-DVD notebook pc
Sony to present its new Walkman featuring noise canceling function
Toshiba to reveal its prototype PMP without need of power supply
HITACHI to unveil a future concept of remote controller (1)
HITACHI to unveil a future concept of remote controller (2)
Nissan keynote speech 'The Car Electronics Revolution'
Sony to display its new Walkman supporting 1-Seg
NTT Docomo to unveil its prototype 'Wellness Navigator'
Toshiba's digital audio player adopting 24 tradition colors of Japan
JVC to display its floating audio player 'XA-AW33'
Sharp to showcase its 52-inch LCD TV featuring wall painting design
JVC to unveil its 37mm-thick 42-inch LCD TV
Toshiba's multimedia player with 4-inch display for mobile TV
Sharp smartphone 'Advanced/W-ZERO3[es]' with three input modes
[CEATEC 2007] MITSUBISHI booth sketch
[CEATEC 2007] HD-DVD promotion group booth sketch
Sony Ericsson's CDMA 1X WIN phone with one hundred of style-up panels
Panasonic to present its latest Bluetooth-enabled MP3P 'D-snap SD950n'
Panasonic to display its first DSLR camera in a disassembled state
Panasonic to demonstrate its new navigation system 'STRADA'
Sharp to present its prototype LCD TV 'POP UP'
Panasonic to present its 32GB SDHC card equivalent to HDD
KDDI to present its bar type handset 'Infobar 2'
Sharp to display entry level Blu-ray recorders in various colors
Sharp to showcase its prototype LCD TV 'WALL'
Sharp to presented its Blu-ray disc recorder with 1TB capacity
Sharp to present its ultra slim 52-inch LCD TV 'BYO-BU'
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