GITEX 2019
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 도구공간(2)    맥큐레이터(2)    모빌테크(2)    배랩(2)    에네이(2)    인프로(2)    팜프로(2)    포휠즈(2)    2019 두바이 정보통신박람회(1)    빌리지베이비(1)    숭실대 K-스타트업(1)    AVING(1)    위아프랜즈(1)    위아프렌즈(1)    큐브로이드(1)    DUBAI(1)    Villagebaby(1)  
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Latest News  
[GITEX 2019] Soongsil University K-Startup grabs the sales opportunity in the Middle East, the land of opportunity
[GITEX 2019] Yonsei and Sogang University K-Startups grab the sales opportunity in the Middle East, the land of opportunity
[GITEX 2019] Coding block Cubroid sells all in Dubai market
[GITEX 2019] Mobiletech aims to provide 3D spatial information map service in Dubai
[GITEX 2019] Inpro's IoT-based technology shines more in the Middle East
[GITEX 2019] Baby box culture shared among the Middle Eastern and Korean women provide market potential
[GITEX 2019] E-kickboard tourism sharing service EV Pass gets love calls from global moguls
[GITEX 2019] K-startup Eney call data tracking service targeting the Middle East O2O platform market
[GITEX 2019] Foreign friend matching app TriPriend guarantees safe meeting with GPS-based safety deposit policy
[GITEX 2019] Autonomous robot D-BOT to take over the police duty in Dubai
[GITEX 2019] Industry 4.0 company FourWheels enters the Middle East market with app used by 1.5 mil nurses worldwide
[GITEX 2019] BAE Lab showcases eco-bottles for long storage of cosmetics and cleaners
[GITEX 2019] Farmpro detects African swine flu beforehand with quarantine map
[GITEX 2019] Dubai government to actualize paperless document by 2021
[GITEX 2019] Middle East's largest ICT show expects 100,000 visitors
[GITEX 2019 Video] Farmpro to showcase IoT device to provide real-time health of livestock
[GITEX 2019 Video] Eney to introduce number-based marketing insight Patchcall BI
[GITEX 2019 Video] BAE Lab to showcase Olgano Therapy in the safest container and harmful substances completely removed
[GITEX 2019 Video] Inpro to introduce Our Farm, IoT-managed livestock feed system
[GITEX 2019 Video] WeAreFriends to introduce app to match foreigners with same interests TriPriend
[GITEX 2019 Video] Macurator to showcase island-based e-kickboard service EV Pass
[GITEX 2019 Video] Dogugonggan to introduce its autonomous patrol robot D-Bot
[GITEX 2019 Video] FourWheels to introduce work shift schedule management app My Duty for nurses
[GITEX 2019 Video] Mobiletech to introduce 3D spatial information map service for smart city
[GITEX 2019] VillageBaby, 'Pregnant Gift Service' for Pregnant Women and Babies will be introduced

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