MIK 2019 Conference&Networking season1
Mobile/Computing  Mobile/Computing(24)  
Electronic/Home Appliances  Electronic/Home Appliances(3)  
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Language : :   Korean(102)    English(27)  
Latest News  
[MIK 2019 Season 1 Video] BCD ENC introduces no-vibe gimbal-equipped 360 VR drone
[MIK 2019 Season 1 Video] Mirint introduces portable smart laser rhinitis treatment device
[MIK 2019 Season 1 Video] Better Life introduces IoT-based radon-reduced system
[MIK 2019 Season 1 Video] LaMeditech's laser lancing device HandyRay-Pro
[MIK 2019 Season 1 Video] i-works introduces balance automation vessel inspection system
MUST GO IN KOREA Beauty 365 successfully held at Incheon TP
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Innopresso introduces touchpad convergence keyboard Mokibo
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Macurator introduces kickboard sharing service for tourism EV Pass
[MIK 2019 Season 1] MO Green's LED plant grower Parpot
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Barun introduces oral bateria management product Cleaning Time
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Barun introduces oral management product that kills harmful germs Cleaning Time
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Suhyun Tech displays hearing disability preventing earplug Alltalk
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Healthy Friend exercises with ICT experience smart balance trainer FAVE
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Coffee Cube introduces coffee grounds recycling platform Coffee Play
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Victoria Production introduces EdTech platform with AR/VR education contents BOOK+APP and AR promotion material
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Power Silicon introduces smart feeling lights with precise color adjustment
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Artoy introduces world's only 3D letter puzzle FUNT
Korea's major SMEs in one place! Made in Korea 2019 Conference & Networking ends in success
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Koryo Life Science introduces eco-friendly cooking foil that contains charcoal
[MIK 2019 Season 1] HiMall introduces the well-being magic chicken powder with no frying
[MIK 2019 Season 1] AtoZ Soft introduces fishing grip that measures the weight and length of the fish Haras
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Foxtron introduces disposable hair cleaning sheet Dr. Pelo Scalp Sheet
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Infotron showcases highly portable wearable AI speaker Frenby
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Stress-free pet hair drying with Pepe Pet Dry Room
[MIK 2019 Season 1] Humatech introduces portable air quality monitor Huma-i
Made in Korea 2019 Conference & Networking Held at Yangjae EL Tower on the 18th
Season 1 of 11th MIK 2019 Conference & Networking to be held on July 18

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