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Latest News  
[CommunicAsia 2019] Narae Info introduces smartwatch ForMe for leisure
[CommunicAsia 2019] Attention to low cost smart public lighting control system from Tronix
[CommunicAsia 2019] Attention to CS's laptop theft system with face-photography!
[CommunicAsia 2019] SUHWOOMS's smart farm technology to take over the SE Asian market!
[CommunicAsia 2019] Nunu intrduces locked-in-car child rescue system with I-BOX
[CommunicAsia 2019 Video] Tronix to introduce an integrated control system for e-IoT smart public lighting
[CommunicAsia 2019 Video] RINASCIMENTO to introduce 3D contents creator that surpasses the limit of regular websites
[CommunicAsia 2019 Video] SUHWOOMS to introduce smart farm system with ICT technology
[CommunicAsia 2019 Video] DTWORESOURCE to introduce road profiling system
[CommunicAsia 2019 Video] Narae Info to introduce wireless repeater for production line facility monitoring
[CommunicAsia 2019 Video] CS to introduce laptop theft prevention system Cy'Ren:Note and data collection device (RTU) Cy'Ren:Translogger
[CommunicAsia 2019] IMR to introduce many IoT-based smart services
[CommunicAsia 2019 Video] Crefun to introduce its global e-commerce platform ALISEON
[CommunicAsia 2019] Nunu introduces children-rescuing safety management system, I-Box
[CommunicAsia 2019] Gamseong introduces radon and harmful substance removing air purifier

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