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Latest News  
The 25th KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS ends in success
[VIDEO] Plastic, Adding Value to the Future!25th Korea International Plastics ・ Rubber Show
[KOPLAS 2019] Chempia introduces skin and product protecting X-GUARD EV
[KOPLAS 2019] Omya Korea introduces industrial product improvement solution Omyaclear
[KOPLAS 2019 Video] Yizumi introduces two-play tone injection molding machine
[KOPLAS 2019] DongBang Chem & DB Chem introduces Master Batch supplied to top companies and SMEs
[KOPLAS 2019] Crutic introduces Dust Zero, with 98% of dust powder removed after crushing recycled plastic
[KOPLAS 2019] JK Innotion exhibits precision optical coating and vacuum deposition equipment
[KOPLAS 2019] MEW showcases servo-motor based all-automatic injection machine MVR100-3T-EL
[KOPLAS 2019] Merck Korea showcases pearl-particle color pigment
[KOPLAS 2019] Duksan Cotran's eco-friendly and high-efficiency inverter chiller
[KOPLAS 2019] Rokit Healthcare's customized artificial organ printer INVIVO
[KOPLAS 2019] SCM introduces compact precision injection molding machines BOY 25E and BOY XSV
[KOPLAS 2019] HY Robotics introduces injection molding multi-joint robot H5
[KOPLAS 2019] Neo Enpla's cost-saving compound PET and nylon material PETYLON
[KOPLAS 2019] SM Platek's high-performance injection molding material
[KOPLAS 2019] Branson Korea launches 2 new models for plastic welding
[KOPLAS 2019] Il Kwang Polymer's wood+plastic material, perfect for speaker
[KOPLAS 2019] LS Mtron's all-automatic injection machine WIZ550E
[KOPLAS 2019] Dongshin Hydraulics introduces energy-saving injection molding machine GB and RB series
[KOPLAS 2019] All-new motor high-speed and hybrid injection molding machine from Haitien Korea
[KOPLAS 2019] VISMEC Korea showcases all-in-one material dehumidifier for precision injection
[KOPLAS 2019] GIMATIC Korea introduces automation robot Gripper
[KOPLAS 2019] Hyundai Electric Machinery introduces Honeycomb Dehumidifier
[KOPLAS 2019] ENGEL showcases motor-type high-speed injection machine e-mac 280
[KOPLAS 2019] JSK's high-speed precision motor injection machine without hydraulic system
[KOPLAS 2019] Cosmos Korea introduces ultra-precision all-motor injection molding machine
[KOPLAS 2019] Star Polymer lowers price of its stretching TPU material
[KOPLAS 2019] Doil Ecotec introduces 6-month biodegradable plastic Togreen
[KOPLAS 2019] HNP Interpla showcases steady and strong dehumidifier X COMB
[KOPLAS 2019] Sumitomo Heavy Industries introduces all-motor compact injection molding machine SEEV-A
[KOPLAS 2019] Yuil System introduces economical 3-axis servo-type purging robot YTX Series
[Video] KOPLAS 2019: Plastic adding value to the future!
[KOPLAS 2019] MICO Myungjin introduces mold switch that shortens mold preparation time
[KOPLAS 2019] Leading Tech, the exclusive distributor to Korea of polymer extrusion molding processing system and property testing machine
[KOPLAS 2019] Siliconers introduces patented injection molding dosing system
Int'l Plastic and Rubber Show KOPLAS 2019 held in KINTEX on Mar. 12
Introduce laser plastic welding system
Woojin Plaimm Exhibits 15 Kinds of Products Including Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Doil Ecotec exhibits biodegradable polymer
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