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Latest News  
[CES 2019] Daegu TP Runs Special Hall for 14 Sports Convergence Tech Companies
[CES 2019] INTIN Presents O'VIEW Air, a Temperature-humidity and Fine Dust Concentration Measuring Device
[CES 2019] 'MIK INNOVATION NIGHT 2019' Ends in Success
[CES 2019 Preview] Robolink introduces 'Codrone II' with improved performance and 'Zümi,' the new AI car
[CES 2019] Sens-K Introduces Smart Pointing Device and Remote Based on loT -GIS Technology
[CES 2019] CLASSUM Displays CLASSUM, an Indirective Learning Platform
[CES 2019] Newsdog Ventures Displays News Dog, a Fake News Detecting System
[CES 2019] Fairip Presents GAK KSL & ESL for English Education in VR System
[CES 2019] Daeyoung Chaevi, No.1 Company in Public Market for Charger for Domestic Electric Car, targets American Market
[CES 2019] LILLYCOVER Presents MUILLI, a Device for Skin Diagnosis through Multi-sensor
[CES 2019] Exosystems Inc. Introduces 'ExoRehab', the Ai-driven Robotics for Occupational Therapy
[CES 2019] SECONDGROUND Showcases Enhanced Sports Video Recording Information System
[CES 2019] 3i Displays 'Pivo', a Device that can make Unique Photo and Video Content
[CES 2019] RF Medical Lab Draws Attention by Presenting Dr.plajin, Cosmetic Medical Appliance
[CES 2019] RF Draws Attention by Presenting AI-driven Robotic Window Cleaner
[CES 2019 Preview] Roboworks to introduce 'Linky,' an autonomous drive vehicle and drone 'Hummingbird'
[CES 2019 Preview] Smart Wellness introduces 'CUBROID,' an educational coding robot
[CES 2019 Preview] News Dog Ventures will introduce 'News Dog', a search engine for media contents
[CES 2019 Preview] Classum to showcase 'CLASSUM,' an interactive learning platform
[CES 2019 Preview] Fairip to present 'GAK KSL & ESL' VR English education system
[CES 2019 Preview Video] WOORIKIDS will introduce 'IOT Stamp' for quantitative extraction
[CES 2019 Preview Video] Whoborn's '3D Audio Player', showcased at CES
[CES 2019 Preview] Netblue will introduce 'CoTras', a cognitive training program based on age and symptoms
[CES 2019 Preview] Innomaps to showcase solutions for MMS-based services
[CES 2019 Preview] JJ Tech will introduce Feeling Pen and Oringa
[CES 2019 Preview] iGIS Introduces ICT Solution Developed Based on Geographic Information System
[CES 2019 Preview] Heaven Tree to Introduce 'CLOVINE' for Business Process Building Solution
[CES 2019 Preview] Ippims to unveil 'patent search request matching platform' to solve the inconvenience of existing domestic patent research market
[CES 2019 Preview] GoodTec will exhibit 'Smart Guard Plug' for safe and easy use of electronic products
[CES 2019 Preview Video] Hicodo will showcase story coding that anyone can easily learn coding
[CES 2019 Preview] Greenzone Security to present 'Smart Lightweight IoT Security Platform' that provides perfect level of security between IoT devices
[CES 2019 Preview] FR Medical Lab to introduce plasma beauty equipment
[CES 2019 Preview] Namgyeong to show battery management system using internet
[CES 2019 Preview] LILLYCOVER, introducing 'Muilli' which can diagnose skin using multiple sensors
[CES 2019 Preview] Polaris3D to show indoor robot autonomous navigation solution
[CES 2019 Preview] RF showcases window cleaning robot
[CES 2019 Preview] SMARTREUM BANG E, Introduces Sinyak & Conditioner for easy and comfortable shoe cleaning
[CES 2019 Preview Video] Safaud will introduce 'Tinnitus Therapy Device' to provide personalized treatment method based on neuro-modulation theory
[CES 2019 Preview] 3i, Introducing Pivo to create unique photo and video content
[CES 2019 Preview] Second Ground, Sports Recording Video System
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