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Latest News  
COEX FOOD WEEK KOREA 2018 has finished with a great success!
Seoul's Biggest Food Festival at Coex, 'COEX FOOD WEEK KOREA 2018'
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] Chuncheon Bio Industry Promotion Agency introduces wellness food
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] Rudolf Jelinek introduces 'SLIVOVICE' brandy made with plum
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] Japanese company 'GENKI CORPORATION' introduces 'Natto Noodle'
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] 'Hayan Hatsal' introduces 'Good Pokki' at Hamyang County Pavillion
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation introduces a project to promote the convergence of SMEs in agriculture, industry and commerce
[2018 COEX Food Week] The Rural Development Administration opens 'Gangso Farm Competition' and forms a consensus on the subject of agriculture.
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] The Adriantic Pantry, an overseas company, introduced various products using truffle mushrooms
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] Japanese Pavilion, Shizuoka Prefecture's delicious processed products are actively introduced
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] Participated in 'Daiah Commercial' specializing in confectionery and bakery equipment
[Video] Korea's largest food festival 'COEX Food Week 2018'
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] 'FMS Korea', a provider of cold chain solution, participates in COEX Food Week.
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] THERMO LAB KOREA Introduces Eco-Friendly Shipping Box and Ice Pack
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] HYOSHIN TECH presents' Combi-Steamer 'Costimo' with Smoke Function
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] 'Marubishi Korea', A Company That Imports and Supplies Bakery Equipment and Raw Materials, Participates in Food Week
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] PAPER BOAT KOREA to Present Five Flavors of Health Drink 'Paper Boat'
[2018 COEX Food Week] Rural Women Leaders Federation presents the results for 60th anniversary and presents the future direction
[2018 COEX Food Week] Green Farm Food introduces 'Goindol Tteoggalbi'
[2018 COEX Food Week Video] COSMOS WAY to Present 'Mascare', a Transparent Hygiene Mask
Korea's largest food festival '2018 COEX Food Week' opens
Coex Food Week Korea 2018 to Showcase Local and Global F&B Trends Starting November 28

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