Busan International Shoe Show
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Latest News  
[BISS 2018] Wig Korea introduces shoe using chameleon material that shows different color depending on the angle
[BISS 2018] Metrade Korea introduces 'Box and Cox' sneaker shoes brand
[BISS 2018] Spoor introduces 'Do Shoe' outsole protector to increase footwear life
[BISS 2018] Pose-Ganch presents unique design shoes with 90s retro design.
[BISS 2018] Blue Peach presents designer shoes with both joy and comfort
[BISS 2018] CA Tech introduces 'Mobius 2010' 3D printer with 100% domestic technology
[BISS 2018] Komac Commerce introduces waterproof shoes that allows to work in water for over 50 hours
[BISS 2018] Prototech introduces 'Objet30 Pro', a 3D printer for custom shoe production
[BISS 2018] Kkomomshoe introduces 'Kkomamshoe-Beam', which uses LED modules to motivate children to walk
[BISS 2018] Thindown Korea introduces shoe using innovative down fabric material that does not fall down and does not need downbag.
[BISS 2018] Innus Korea launches environmentally friendly, 100% modular shoes 'KI ECOBE'
[BISS 2018] Wellshoes Korea introduces the world's first air-comfort shoes with optimized function
[BISS 2018] Windwire introduces 'Rollkin Dial' system which allows easy shoe-tightening without strapping shoelaces.
[BISS 2018] Sungkwang Tech introduces Highly elastic memory foam insole
[BISS 2018] Ghiwell hosts "Foot pressure analysis system" trial booth
[BISS 2018] Brand-B Exhibits Eco-friendly, 'Rarago' Character Decorated Rain Boots
[BISS 2018] Biofit Introduces Body-Balancing, 'Healthy Walking Shoes'
[BISS 2018] G.G. Korea, Introduces Healthy Footwear Brand, 'Footzen' to Complement Flat Feet
[BISS 2018] CGPixel Studio, Exhibits Friendly, Storytelling, Animation Character Shoe
[BISS 2018] Social Cooperative Shoe Making Scene, Showcases 'AGIO' custom shoes

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