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Latest News  
[K-PRINT 2018] Shinjung Technology introduced 'HEBA', an Automatic Paper Removal System that solves the problems of the Existing Package Printing Industry
[K-PRINT 2018] Jisung Machine presented Fast and Accurate Laser Cutter 'JS-LC-450' and Small Laminator 'JS-DC-640'
[K-PRINT 2018] Kisun Introduced Inkjet Partial Coating System 'Digi Spot Quantum350' that can be applied to All Printed Materials
[K-PRINT 2018] Bangsung Machine to present Rotary Label Printers 'New Artline' and 'New Artline350', the New Products equipped with Digital Printer
[K-PRINT 2018] Sanki Machine's Model 'SOF-300' which increases Users' Work Efficiency
[K-PRINT 2018] Domino Korea Introduced 'Domino N610i' Digital Label Press which is built with Flexo Productivity and Digital Technology
[K-PRINT 2018] Screen HD Korea Introduced High-Quality, High-Speed Printer 'Truepress Jet L350UV+' appropriate for Food Packaging label Production
Printing the Future with 'K-PRINT 2018', Opened Today at KINTEX(29th)
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] Bontech announced MC2016 APP with new version of bookbinding and converting machines
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] Dain Corporation's FM Products used in Various Production Processes
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] Sungsan Tech to present OEM Production Printer which boasts High Durability
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] Bitek Technology to present 'Anytron' which offers Digital Label Solutions
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] DURIX to present a Cooling Synthetic Film that is harmless for Human Body
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] Yunchang Precision Industry to present Laminator which increases Efficiency
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] ACE Machinery to present 'FULL IN-LINE' Facility which helps Reduce Labor Cost and Improve Productivity
[K-PRINT 2018 Preview] ERP·MES solution which specialized in printing manufacturing "PERA" – A new paradigm of the printing industry environment begins.
[Preview of K-PRINT 2018] A-ran to exhibit UV-6090 Printer capable of High-Quality Printing
[K-PRINT 2018 Preview] FMS to Show Tension Monitoring and Controlling Products
[K-PRINT 2018 Preview] DILLI to Introduce Next-Generation UV Inkjet-Type Digital Printer, 'NEO PICASSO'
[K-PRINT 2018 Preview] Force Measuring Systems AG to Show Tension Monitoring and Controlling Products
[K-PRINT 2018 Preview] InkTec, New Digital Inkjet Label Printer Launch
[K-PRINT 2018 Preview] Small Strapping Machine Manufacturer 'BINDTEC' to Attend K-PRINT 2018
[K-PRINT 2018 Preview] Polyonics Introduces New Family of Durable ESD-Safe™ Polyimide Label Materials Stand A01

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