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Latest News  
[START UP IR] EO Korea's'Cosmeceutical' Brand made of Dermatology Treatment Ingredients
[START UP IR] Kongmaeul to Export 'Nattokinaje' which can be Eaten Raw without Additives
[START UP IR] CLF-Hi-Tech Launched Healthcare Product 'KEEP U' to Manage Health Anywhere
[START UP IR] Hugreen Power to Focus on the Commercialization of 'Hydrogen Generator with Strengthened Safety' without the Use of Catalyst
[START UP IR] Human First Releases '3D Fit Mask' with a Lower Leak Rate of Fine Dusts…. To Help Endangers Animals with the Sales Profit
[START UP IR] BPLE Korea Released Air Purifier 'Curie' which can Filter Air within a User's Breathing Area once it is working
[START UP IR] TOYOYO Continuously Releases 'Idea Products' that add more Fun to Daily Life
[START UP IR] ANTNET Launched 'Laminated Optical-Wire Storage Box' that Quickly Solves Communications Failures
[START UP IR] CUREARTH Launched Green TD which removes Harmful Tidal Current without Toxicity
[START UP IR] MO GREEN Starts Overseas Export of LED Plant Cultivator 'Parpot'
[START UP IR] NTFTECH Launched 'LED Headlamp Radiating Device Module' which Extends the Lifespan of Lightening Efficiency
[START UP IR] 'Isoneck', A cervical correction pillow by Isolife; Amazon offers to import product upon product release
[START UP IR] Light Econergy, on the search for investors for 'Zero Tan', a greenhouse gas reducing briquette
[START UP IR] G'Spin Launches Easy to Breathe 'Natural Breathing Yellow Dust Mask'

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