MWC 2016
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Latest News  
[MWC 2016] DUALi Showcases NFC Bluetooth Reader 'Dragon BT'
MWC 2016 Joint Korean Pavilion Receives Positive Reviews from Overseas Companies by Attracting Domestic Technology Consultations Worth $10 Million
[MWC 2016] Summary of MWC 2016 Major Issues
[MWC 2016] Current State of Progressing the Mobile Industry, 'THE BEST OF MWC 2016'
[MWC 2016 Special] Notable Products: 'IoT'
[MWC 2016 Special] Notable Products: 'Smartphones'
[MWC 2016] GSMA Announces Winners of '2016 Glomo Award'
[MWC 2016 Video] 'Libelium', Global IoT Hardware Company
[MWC 2016 Special] Notable Products of 'Virtual Reality Devices'
[MWC 2016 Special] Notable Products from 'Korean Small and Medium Startups'
[MWC 2016] More than 100,000 People Visited MWC
[MWC 2016 Video] Mobidoo Unveils Payment Service That Uses Stamp-Type Device 'Sonic Stamp'
[MWC 2016] 4YFN Gathered 12,500 Attendees and Reached 5,200 Meetings Between Entrepreneurs and Investors
[MWC 2016] SMARF Showcased Device Controlling App for Farmers
[MWC 2016] Daliworks Showcased 'Thing+', New Concept of IoT Cloud Service
[MWC 2016] StyleSeller Showcased a Platform That Sells Products by SNS Photos
[MWC 2016] Paradise Factory Showcased a 'Multinational Document Generator' That Translates Automatically
[MWC 2016 Video] Innopreso Showcased Mokibo, Combined with Keyboard and Touch Pad
[MWC 2016] Bloreo Showcased 'Sonic-Vac,' The World's First Electronic Suction Toothbrush for the Aged
[MWC 2016] K-Beauty Mobile Application, 'Kleopatra'
[MWC 2016] ClayFingers, Clay Contents That Can Be Made Easily through Smart Devices
[MWC 2016 Video] Smart Car Solution for High-End Safe Driving, Hanyang I&C's 'ADAS ONE HS-500F'
[MWC 2016] Startups Stand Out at 4YFN
[MWC 2016] AAUXX Showcases 'iRing', Ring-Type Smartphone Accessory
[MWC 2016] Subsidiary Equipment for Smart Non-smoking 'Cigbit' That Checks Smoking in Live
[MWC 2016] Campus9 Exhibited New O2O Platform
[MWC 2016] Open Gallery's 'Art Work Rental Service' for Enjoying Various Art Works
[MWC 2016] Muglau Introduced School Lunch and Cafeteria Forecast Service App
[MWC 2016] Per.Brick Publi's Paper Block That Makes Another World
[MWC 2016] JDLab Showcased Web Editor, IUEditor That Cuts Time and Cost
[MWC 2016] ROKIT Showcased 3D Printer 'Stealth' That Makes 3 Ingredients to 1
[MWC 2016] Solmitech Showcased Refit, Interlocking Device for Smartphone
[MWC 2016 Video] PIGSY Showcased MAXWAVE, the Evolution of Mobile Charger
[MWC 2016] ZEPETRONIX'S 'MSM-2000', Small-Sized Smartphone Card Reader
[MWC 2016] TREEBYS Showcases 'Curiel Dual Action Smart', Smart Sleep Shade with Cool and Hot Pack Functions
[MWC 2016] Namu INC Showcased a Smart Wearable Device, 'Alex' That Induces to the Right Posture Habit
[MWC 2016] Flitto, Collective Intelligence System to Get the Fast and Reasonable Translation.
[MWC 2016] Qualcomm Showcased the Smart City, Integration of IoT Technology
[MWC 2016] Qualcomm Showcased VR Contents That Has Snapdragon 820
[MWC 2016] Ilias Project Showcased Smartphone Sub-lens, PUZLOOK That Looks Like Puzzles
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