ENVEX 2015
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Latest News  
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Kurita Sedimentation Introduced by Hansu Tech. Service
[ENVEX 2015] Vogelsang Korea's High-performance Shredder and Solid Separator
[ENVEX 2015] EM Korea's Food Waste Processor with Fermentation Technology
[ENVEX 2015] Innomeditech's Electropure EDI
[ENVEX 2015] Eco Clean Bio's Home/Commercial Food Waste Processor
[ENVEX 2015] Ecoway's Waterless Urinal
[ENVEX 2015] CTA's Superhydrophobic Coating
[ENVEX 2015] Daho Mulsan's Waste Recycling Converters
[ENVEX 2015 Video] The Largest Environmental Measurement Device Maker in Korea
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Ilsung's Vacuum Self-priming Pump
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Ecoway's No-water Urinal
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Cheonsei Industry's Precision Pump
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Shinsun's Eco-friendly Product Ecocon
[ENVEX 2015] The 5th Korean-China Environmental Industry Technology Exchange Symposium is a Success
[ENVEX 2015] Kemik Corporation Unveils WOLF PACK, Multi Indoor Air Quality Analysis Equipment
[ENVEX 2015] Kenvitech Showcases Complex Odor Analysis and Management System
[ENVEX 2015] Korea Environment Corporation Runs Promotional Booth for 37th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy
[ENVEX 2015] EH Solution Presents MPCS with Total Phosphate Treatment Coagulant Dosing Method
[ENVEX 2015] Zeta Crezen Releases K7 excave, Industrial Underwater Cleaning Robot
[ENVEX 2015] E&Instrument Introduces Portable Bio and Landfill Gas Analyzers
[ENVEX 2015] Eco-friendly Fuel Producer, Jungil Machinery
[ENVEX 2015] Sungwon International Introduces TriBox3, Multi-Water Quality Analyzer
[ENVEX 2015] Samsan Korea Showcases Various Electronic Metering Pumps
[ENVEX 2015] BL Process Introduces Star TOC uv, Online Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
[ENVEX 2015] MONAS Pump Unveils Sanitary Mono Pump
[ENVEX 2015] GASTEC Introduces BM25, Explosion-Proof Multi-Gas Alarm
[ENVEX 2015] Neotec Presents Personalized Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Jeong Woo EMT Introduces BIO-CEL XL, World's Largest Submerged MBR Module
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Ecotech Engineering Unveils WTU Series, High Concentration, High Toxicity, Non-Degradable Wastewater Electrolysis Reactor
[ENVEX 2015 Video] Ssangyong Motor Showcases Tivoli EVR Grafted with Extended Range Electric Vehicle Technology
[ENVEX 2015] Joongwon SMET Releases Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment Using Micro-Bubbles
[ENVEX 2015] Hyorim Presents Non-metal Chain and Flight
[ENVEX 2015] KORBI Introduces Water Quality TMS, Remote Water Quality Monitoring System
[ENVEX 2015] Dongil Canvas Engineering Unveils Automatic Membrane Filter Press
[ENVEX 2015] Hyundai Motors Releases Sonata Turbo 1.4 LPDI, High-Performance Eco-Friendly LPG Car
[ENVEX 2015] Daesung World Presents SDT 170 Series, Easy-to-Use and Accurate Equipment Diagnostic Device
[ENVEX 2015] Gaontec Releases Inline Drag Conveyor with Roller Chain
[ENVEX 2015] CJK Alliance Showcases Auto Strainer, Full Auto Water Treatment System
[ENVEX 2015] Environment Industry Job Fair Opens
The Show for Environmental and Green Energy Opens

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