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Latest News  
[ATEM FAIR 2014] SIMCO Displays its Ionizer 'ThunderION'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] Daeha Trading Displays Universal Testing Machine, 'QC-508E'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] GIST Displays its Auto Bar Coater 'GBC-A4'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] TaeGyeong Hiteh Showcases a Variety of Adhesive &Coatings
[ATEM FAIR 2014] CHEM-CO Showcases Eco-friendly 'Waterproof Complex Form Tape'
[ATEM FAIR 2014 Video] 'The 6th Int'l Adhesive, Coating and Film System Fair' Overview
[ATEM FAIR 2014] Buritech Showcases its Adhesive 'MXBON®'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] Dulub Korea Introduces 'Fluoro Surf' Water/Oil Repellent
[ATEM FAIR 2014] DAEWHA Displays Paste Mixer 'PDM-1KV'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] KONISH Korea Showcases its Adhesive Tapes
[ATEM FAIR 2014] KIPAE Displays its Coater 'KP-3000VH'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] Daelim Starlet Introduces Continuous Tenter & Coater
[ATEM FAIR 2014] UVSMT Showcases 'SUV S Series', UVLED Linear Type Curing System
[ATEM FAIR 2014] IQLon Displays a Tearable Adhesive Tape
[ATEM FAIR 2014] LICHTZEN Showcases Various UV Lamps
[ATEM FAIR 2014] DeaHa Mantech Shows off High Conductive Coating Material 'ELcoat® TE series'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] DAEMI Displays Water-Based Adhesive, Safe for Humans
[ATEM FAIR 2014] PSI TRADING Showcases 'ITO Pattern Microscopy'
[ATEM FAIR 2014] Banseok Displays Conformal Coating Equipment & Dispenser Mini Robot
[ATEM FAIR 2014] WITHLAB Showcases 'CyClean™' Surface Cleaning System
[ATEM FAIR 2014] SYSTEM KOREA showcases Atmospheric SiOx Thin Film Coating
'Adhesion⋅Coating⋅Film Industry Specialized Exhibition'(ATEM FAIR 2014) Kicked off!
Adhesion⋅Coating⋅Film Industry Specialized Exhibition 'ATEM FAIR 2014', to be Held in Incheon in Coming March!
[Preview ATEM FAIR 2014] Tecdia to Showcase 'Utility·Dispenser Nozzle(LANZA™)'
[Preview ATEM FAIR 2014] J.F.S Industries, to Introduce 2 Package Type Cartridge & Mixing System Solution
[Preview ATEM FAIR 2014] K-ONE to Exhibit Various Particle Size Analyzer and Measuring Equipment

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