TAITRONICS Autumn 2006
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 Global Sat(2)    Ntic(2)    Sunita Telecom(2)    Weihai Systems(2)    Guardtech Electronic(1)    Grandview Digitech(1)    DI(1)    Tamron(1)    Philko International(1)    Acme Portable(1)    AVTech(1)    Bestwisdom(1)    Beyond Original(1)    DailyCare BioMedical(1)    E-Lead Electronic(1)    Holux(1)    IA(1)    JSW Pacific(1)    Kai Suh Suh Enterprise(1)    Luxpro(1)    MSI(1)    Multi-Direction(1)    Skardin(1)    TVS(1)    X-sport(1)    Yoko Technology(1)  
언어별 기사 수:   Korean(87)    English(41)    German(11)    Spanish(1)    Portuguese(Brazil)(1)    Spanish(Spain)(1)  
Latest News  
DI to present WCDMA fiber optic repeater
TAMRON to introduce high-resolution lens for security camera-use
NTIC to present a 15-inch 8-channel LCD DVR
AVTECH to display high capacity 16-channel DVR 'AVD717C'
NTIC to present 4-channel standalone DVR 'J2000S-04T2'
Pilko to present various accessories for mobile phones
TVS to display 5.6-inch CCTV LCD
Luxpro to present 'Pico' slim mp3 player with touch pad
E-LEAD to present iPod-looking navigation 'Mapod EL-908'
iPod docking station with built-in speaker
GlobalSat to present 3.5-inch all-in-one navigation
SUNITA Telecom to present a VoIP handset mouse
ACME PORTABLE to present 15-inch PC
YOKO to place WDR camera
Sunglass Bluetooth headset 'VS-201'
2.5-inch color monitoring system
8.5g ultra-small Bluetooth headset
Weihei to present its new modulator to integrate CATV system
GUARDTECH to present personal CCTV 'CamFy'
Portable wireless device to check your heart functions any time any where
KSS, one of the main
6 hours talk time, Bluetooth headset 'AudioVITA'
Bluetooth stereo headset 'Muses 801'
New concept handy pouch speaker
Classic iPod tube speaker
Intro- Kung fu robot
GlobalSat to present wearable GPS receiver
A cute CCTV, 'Baby monitor'
MSI to present its pocket TV 'D-310'
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Visual Tour - IP Telecom Pavilion
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Welcoming Event (4)
Skardin presented its PMP equipped with DVB-T
Bestwisdom presented a multimedia speaker 'TOP'
Holux to unveil GPS navigation 'GM-120'
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Visual Tour - Hall 3
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Visual Tour - Hall 2
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Visual Tour - Hall 1
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Welcoming Event (3)
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Welcoming Event (2)
TAITRONICS AUTUMN 2006 Welcoming Event (1)
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